Jim Salk's Speakers?

I've been a member of this board for as long as I can remember it being around (9 or 10 years) and I've come to value the knowledge and opinions of the posters here more than most of the other audiophile boards. In observing the threads for the past several years there seems to be a is a consistent trend of speakers that get questions or comments.

On a couple of other boards I've read great testimonials of Salk Signature Speakers from owners that have owned many of the brands that get discussed regularly on this board, yet I read nary a word about Salk speakers here. The design construction quality of Salk speakers seems impecable given their price. To me they seem like a great value for the money, but I'd like to get your learned take on these speakers and how they compare within the audiophile market.

FWIW - I have absolutely no affiliation with Salk, just a curious bystander who is considering them for a future purchase.
Check out the forums here- I found over 180 comments on Salk speakers.
There are lots of great speaker available in the same price ranges as the Salks.

For example does the new Salk SoundScape 12 outperform the Thiel CS3.7s, Wilson Sophia 3, Quad 2805/2905s,KEF Reference 205/2 or MG 20.1s?
How often a speaker (or any other component) brand is mentioned in a public forum is going to have a relation to how many units have been sold.

Salk is only sold direct; there are no dealers where someone who has never heard the speakers can audition. They also state they do not inventory speakers as a general rule so it could take a month or more for them to ship after you order. That affects impatient and impulsive buyers.

All of these serve to limit a someone like Salk's sales volume relative to many better known companies. Just using strictly hypothetical figures, if one company has sold a few thousand speakers and another company half a million, which is going to be mentioned more often in a discussion forum?

Obviously a lower sales volume does not preclude a high quality product. I've never heard a pair of Salks so can't comment further, but it sounds like you're interested. Did you call Salk and see if they have a current owner in your area who would allow an audition?
IMO the Salk speakers that sold for around $6K (I don't know the newest models) are a very good speaker for the money but like mentioned above there are many good speakers in that price range. The SongTowers are just an OK speaker and there are better speakers out there for that price. I found the ones I menion above to be slightly hifi-ish in over sonics with very good details but not my cup of tea for overall musical involvement. That is not to say that they would do it for you. If I also remember correctly that model required big watts to make them come alive.

Happy Listening.
On the tangible things, build, craftsmanship and service jim Salk in my experience is beyond reproach. You can literally feel and see the love that Jim puts into building his speakers. Sound is of course more subjective. For whatever reason I could not get his HT3 speakers to integrate into my room. I do believe he has a list or folks willing to let you come and listen to their speakers.
I think I heard them at the Capital Audiofest. They did not leave an impression either way.
I have Jim's HT-3's. I'm into audio over 30 years. Jim gives you a lot of speaker for the money.

The speakers are custom built for you so, they do take some time to recieve once you place your order. You can get any color or veneer you want plus caps, finish, etc.

The speakers aren't efficient(big watts)but they are neutral,detailed,dynamic with very good deep bass. Midrange is clean and uncolored. Some might want more warmed like a Sonus Faber but, I like to have a more truthful presentation. The highs are extended and fast with good resolution. All the newer models above the Songtowers will have the Raal ribbons instead of the G2 or LCY ribbons. Which are little smoother supposedly in the 8000 to 10,000 HZ range.

Jim could use better upstream components at the shows, IMHO to showcase his speakers.

Go to AudioCircle to find customers who are willing to give auditions in your area. I live in the NYC area, you are welcome to come for a listen.

I have the speakers over 4 years and still have no desire to upgrade.

Here are a list of the last speakers I had before:
Infinitys RS IIbs
Thiel 3.5
Audio Physic Virgos
VMPS 626s
VMPS RM-30s and many more.

Are there better speakers out there? Of cause,but you are getting a lot for your money with Jim's speakers.

Just my 2 cents.


Could you be a little more specific in describing sonically what you mean when you say you could not get the Salk HT3s to integrate in your room.

What size is your room and where were the speakers located?

I disagree with the above poster. I think the Song Towers play way above their asking price. And most people who have heard them agree........but to each his own.

I am not on the speaker merry go round anymore, that's for sure.
I just sold a pair of songtowers, they were ok speakers, but nothing special, It was my fault that I bought them, I went against my own policy of buying before hearing, I will say that a cabinets are outstanding when it comes to build quality, as a matter of fact, I bought a 5 speaker song setup, the worst was the center and small rears, there were lacking dynamics when watching movies,and were not very good at all on 5 channel music.
with 5" drivers the Bass was still pretty respectable Not earth shatering like a 10 or 12" that is impossibly but still a very solid,this speaker it won 1 5 speaker shootout ,as well as speaker of the year in it's price point so soundsomething must be special. you just did not like them for whatever reasons ,no speaker is good for everyone !!