Jim Gordon has Passed On...

He was never released from custody after murdering his mother. He'll be remembered best for being the drummer with Derek and the Dominos, but he played with the Byrds, Beach Boys and others. I know that you're wearing black today @bdp24. Sad ending. 


Whether the "Layla" story is true, I don't know, but it's been repeated many, many times.  The Delta Lady gives a detailed account in her autobiography.  Personally, I believe her.  A related story is that she broke off her relationship with Gordon because of physical abuse.

I always thought that the piano part added at the end of Layla sounded very unrelated to the rest of the song.

In one of his YouTube videos, Bobby Whitlock recounts the writing of the coda in "Layla". Go onto YouTube, do a search for Bobby Whitlock, and all his videos will become available for viewing. He's quite a character!