Jim Capaldi RIP.

Jim Capaldi (1955-2005)

Traffic's Capaldi Dies

Drummer and Hall of Famer loses battle with cancer

Drummer Jim Capaldi, who co-founded the late-Sixties psychedelic blues band Traffic with then eighteen-year-old Steve Winwood, died early today of stomach cancer at a London hospital. He was sixty years old.
Pity; got to see him and Winwood at a Traffic show some 6, 7 years back at the Shoreline. He was great.
Sad news indeed.
Man, I hate to hear that. One of my all time favorite albums is Jim Capaldi's "Short Cut Draw Blood". Hard to find, but a great one.
One of the most impressive and impresively tasteful rock drummers I ever saw. Saw two extemely memorable Traffic shows, one in 1968 and one in 1970.
Somehow I don't remember his as the drummer. Wasn't the drummer Jim Gordon in later incarnations?
Great drummer and incredibly nice man. This one hurts. It has to be quite tough for Steve Winwood. They were great friends.
Way too young to leave us.
Terrible news as always with the passing of great musicians especially when it involves people to whom the music really did matter... also, I think your message Ben should be correctd to read ; 1945.
Wow! Really sad day for Rock n' Roll!

C123666, I was at that show as well.
A very good show as I recall!
Jim Capaldi was born August 2nd, 1944.
Jim actually had a nice "comeback" in the US in the mid-early '80s. I believe the disc was "Fierce Heart", which is a very good CD. He had two songs ("That's Love", "Livin' On the Edge"), that were played in heavy rotation on our local top 40 format station. Steve Winwood was at a very high popularity crest at the time, and backed Jim on the solo disc.
I certainly can say I enjoyed his group and solo efforts,

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