JIco replaces the SAS stylus with the new neoSAS/S & neoSAS/R

I just found out about this. Maybe guys already knew, but I didn’t.

Jico discontinued the SAS stylus about a year ago and has finally made a replacement. I have owned several SAS styli over the years and found them to be exceptional. I’ll have to try one of these new ones.


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July 21st, 2016 – We are proud to announce the arrival of the long-waited successor to the SAS Super Analogue Stylus; the neoSAS series. The neoSAS will be available in two versions sporting the original Super Analogue Stylus tips nude-mounted to cantilevers utilizing new materials. The neoSAS/S model features a sapphire cantilever and the neoSAS/R featuring a tapered ruby cantilever.

Wow, even sapphire and ruby are available now from Jico. Good news!
Sorry, do you know if this new SAS stylus is compatible with empire edr9 and empire 750ltd?  Thanks in advance
Sorry, I don't see either of those listed for the neoSAS stylus.

Ruby cantilever? Nice.
Ruby cantilever? Nice.
I know, right?  That will be sweet!