JICO and LP Gear Stylus question

I am looking at a JICO shibata or LP Gear Vivid line stylus for a Stanton 680 body. Does anyone know if these are nude or bonded diamonds? Jico has a series of replacments that rise in price going from 681E, 681EE and 681EEE and the shibata for the 681-S, I emailed them asking the difference and I believe they thought I asked about the 881 and they said all diamonds the same except for the Shibata of course. Not enough info on either website.
NOT reassuring is this photo of a brand new Jico SAS VN35HE for the Shure V-15 III XM. The user says this is with zero hours; the stylus had not played a single record when the photo was taken. The workmanship is shockingly bad: it's a GLUE BALL!


Also look at the last post in this Audiogon thread (apparently yet another Jico Glue Ball.:


And this series of photos...the Jico doesn't come off well in this comparison:

Such a shame. This was once one of the best values in analog to my ears. I hate that they've allowed their once stellar QC and product slip to such low levels.