Jethro Tull Remasters - Better Sound?

Already have most of the Tull collection, but thinking of picking up Benefit remastered. Is the remastered a big sonic improvement?
I do not know how "Benefit" sounds, but I thought you might be interested in the following info. Many of the earlier Tull albums (incl. Benefit) are available in DTS/Multi-channel format. You need to download them using a bit torrent client, and it may take several days to do so, but they do sound pretty good. Google the phrase "Tull DTS torrent".

FYI, the Aqualung that I snagged did not sound very good. However, I've downloaded others that were *outstanding* - Pat Metheny's "Imaginary Day", Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds", and Mark Knopfler's "Sailing To Philadelphia" are killer. And you can't beat the price...


Slhijb, check out this Agon thread from last week;
the japanese mini discs of the first four are great.....
In a word, yes. I always found the Tull albums very flat, with cardboard bass and dull highs. The remasters fix all that, and although there are a few strident moments here and there, they are well worth picking up. Benefit in particular has loads more depth and more natural instrument timbres than the original CD, or even most pressings of the vinyl.
One warning, I think Stormwatch is the exception here, the highs have been cranked up to ear bleed levels, and as the original CD is/was horrendous, the original pressing LP is really the only listenable version of this album, which is, admittedly, not one of their best, so teh point may be moot anyway.
Passion Play remastered is much more listenable, with actual highs present, and Heavy Horses and Songs from the Wood are a revelation in remastered format, and are highly recommended!
Thanks so much for the responses. Am going to get Benefit remastered.
Tull albums are so cheap. They made to many of them to retain value, as of all rock music.I picked a British pressing of Benefit for $2 at a record show.
Surfgod, What is wrong with you ? Your post makes little sense.
I've got Japanese mini LP Benefit and Stand Up CDs. They may sound a little better than other versions but they're still muddy. I don't know how these albums were originally recorded but they NEVER sounded "great". I owned the LPs at one time, same thing. Unfortunate because I like the music very much.
If anyone has any insights into how these were recorded or why they sound the way they do, please post.