Jethro Tull recent Remasters vs Mobile Fidelity?


Curious if anyone has had the opportunity to compare the recently released remastered Tull CDs (all with "bonus tracks")with the Mobile Fidelity Gold disc offering. Thanks!
I have seen "This Was, Benefit, and Stand Up" remastered on vinyl, but I'm not sure about the availability anymore. "Aqualung might have been available in that group, but not being a fan of that LP I did not pay any attention. I have most of the originals including the yearly rerelease of a "greatest hits" (with all the same tracks as last years) LP and a few MFSL but given the choice I would rather have a Doug Sax remaster. On vinyl of course! The Acoustic Sounds catalog had some reissues of the early stuff. Happy hunting (girl)
The jt remastered Benefit sounds great, but they screwed-up the song sequence, and I can't say I prefer the new version. Sonics are much improved, with vastly more presence to vocals and guitar, and the piano emerges from the muddy depths of the original mix with pristine beauty. Bass and highs are also better, with more slam and definition, and smoother with more air. However, someone thought it was necessary to mess with song sequence, and use crappy UK mix of "Teacher" tacked on at end of disc instead of the original, placed where it belongs. One pretty useless new track is inserted early on, and it totally threw me off enjoying the rest of this otherwise fine disc. We finally get to hear great, old Tull, and they mess up the whole album!
Madisonears has a very good point, I could never take hearing Teacher at the end of the music, How, and why do these Execs screw things up???....One Jethro Tull album that never really got much attention but has some good songs that I like even better than the "worn out" Aqualung, is Living In The Past. Check it out.
Sorry folks Living In The Past is out of print, one of, if not the best album Tull ever put out. They have a CD named Living WITH The Past, a collection of "greastest Hits" (like we really need another greatest hits, ..vol 5!!!) and get this the song Living In The Past is on it , but is a horrible semblence to the orginal which is a great composition. ??? Why would Tull even alow this crummy version to be on print is beyond me??? These modern times we live in!