Jethro Tull recent Remasters vs Mobile Fidelity?


Curious if anyone has had the opportunity to compare the recently released remastered Tull CDs (all with "bonus tracks")with the Mobile Fidelity Gold disc offering. Thanks!
I just spent last night listining to the Tull remasters, Benefit, and Aqualung. I have to agree with Bjack the remasters are excellant! i prefer the new remasters to the Mofi. i agree with Tom, some Mofi issues(both CD and LP) seem to have a dark and closed in sound.
Thanks for the replies, that is really great to hear! The MoFi albums I'm missing in my collection are selling for stupifiying prices on idiot-bay, this is so good to hear! I'm going to pickup a couple now to compare myself, thanks again!
The JT remastered Stand Up is very nice. They did everything good to it and nothing bad. The highs are smoother yet more open. The bass is better defined but not bloated. The mids are vastly improved, with lots more definition of instruments and somewhat better images. Sorry, I can't compare to MFSL. I've had quite a few over the years, LP's and CD's, and it was always a crapshoot whether you'd get true sonic improvement (better music) or just more hi-fi sonics (screeching, tinny highs and boomy bass). Never got any JT.
Where did you buy the Tull remasters?
The Tull remasters are in any good record store which most likely includes Borders & Barnes and Noble.