Jethro Tull CD/DVD Special Editions

So the mostly recent Jethro Tull Special Editions with multiple CDs and DVDs are mostly OOP now.  Unfortunately for me, I was only able to purchase maybe half of them before the prices skyrocketed into the ridiculous zone.  Seriously, $250 to $500 for a few CDs and DVDs!?  That’s crazy....  

Still, I am disappointed and the recent release of the 50th anniversary of This Was has given me some hope.  So here is my question: has anyone heard anything about a possible 50th anniversary printing of these discs?  The This Was release was a substantial improvement over the 40th anniversary, but I could care less about these being improved.  I am just hoping that they find an excuse to run another printing.  I just can not afford, nor will I pay, $280 for Passion Play or $450 for Songs From The Wood.

Anyway, any information would be appreciated.  Many thanks, Aaron
I remember buying "This Was" for $3.29 back in '68 (Caldor's, Riverside CT). Who were these guys? Took it home and listened to it on my plastic GE one-box stereo. Ah, the good old days! Became a fan - saw J.Tull in August '70 (Central Park - Schaefer Music Festival) doing Aqualung! Saw them twice more years later in Vancouver doing Thick As A Brick and Passion Play. Just bought a nice Lp copy of This Was (Reprise steamboat) to go along with my later Chrysalis Lp.
Are you talking about Steve Wilson remixes? I have a few on LP and consider them an improvement, sonically- Benefit, which was pretty murky in both UK and US pressings and Aqualung ( of which I have many different copies). I tend to shy away from the deluxe box marketing, since I’m not that interested in booklets, outtakes (there’s a reason why they are outtakes) or listening to multiple different versions of the same tracks.
The latest Crimson box sets include, finally, the Wilson remix of In the Court on LP, which has not been released separately yet. Hopefully it will be, since I find that one on CD/DVDa to be an improvement over the original mix as well.
Also a big Tull fan from the early days--caught them right before Aqualung was released. Stand Up is the template for much of that medieval ballad meets hard rock sound.
I interviewed Ian A. a couple years ago about the transition from blues band to ’prog’ rock sound (though I didn’t consider Stand Up to be ’prog’ in the current sense the term is used). I also did a shoot-out of many different pressings of Aqualung, including the DCC, the Classic 45, old MoFi, original US, UK, WLP and the Wilson remix; the latter was in the top tier sonically, along with the US WLP and the DCC, at a fraction of the cost.
On This Was, I think I liked the early mono on UK pink label eyeball. Not sure I bothered with the late issues/remixes, though I have many older pressings of that record as well. If you liked the blues based Tull, are you a fan of Blodwyn Pig’s Ahead Rings Out?