Jet...the new Ac/dc?

Saw these disheveled, denim-clad hipsters on Conan O...and was throughly unimpressed...sounded like a bunch of half-baked, b-grade 70s pub rock riffage...which come to think of kinda cool! Whatz up!
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Saw newest video........reminds me of STROKES alot, sounds pretty good and better that 95% of the crap they play on MTV / VH1 ...........I may pick up album since I like this garage rock slacker style.
It seems this retro-stuff is coming on strong, just like The Darkness (A thing called love). I like it, actually..... not new, but fun, energy, and good musicians, like megasam said: better then most MTV-crap. Especially The Darkness is pretty good playing live, don't know about Jet yet.....
Got the JET album at Best Buy for $9.99........pretty good but has 4-5 slow/mid tempo bluesy ballads which are not my cup of tea.....more interested in straight ahead rockers like video song. So I got 6-7 good songs on this CD for me,
not quite as good as Strokes, Vines, Hives etc in my book.
Bought the Cd...pretty cool in the classic stones-y, cock rock way...with some surprising tender blues ballads thrown in for good of Stones,Ac/dc,Kinks, and kickass bar rock will not be let down...lotta very loud...
New AC/DC? Naw. BUT, these guys can play! I saw them on SNL and had to buy their album. I especially appreciate that they are simply plugging Les Pauls into Marhalls and turning them up to the obligatory 11. No pedals, no effects, and the recording doesn't sound terribly overproduced like a lot of Nu Metal (although I do like Nickleback and Puddle of Mudd).

What is amazing is that this band seems to be able to go from AC/DC-like rock stompin' to Beetles-esque balladry in a snap. The lead singer has a very good voice. I eagerly await a follow-up effort.
Yes I saw them on SNL , and was impressed. Nice to hear some real rock and roll . Long Live Rock !
They are riding what is, I hope, the tail end of a trite, gimmicky fad. I consider them to be replicas of replicas, not rock. Not to rain on the fun, that's just how I think of them.
Their album is fun, but derivative. That's OK for what it is. It just doesn't make them the next AC/DC.
Like'em LOUD!
Try playing Jet's "Get Born" CD on your computer and see what you get. On my puter, it is unplayable, probably due to the fact that it has Macrovision protection on it. You can't play it using Windows Media Player or with Real Audio. This disc will only play using a specific program i.e. "CDexe". I'm not about to download some "spyware" program from the music industry just to listen to one disc. In the future, i may be avoiding any discs labeled "enhanced CD" in the future. Sean
Jet sounds like the Faces/Stones
nice stripped down retro sound
alot of open space

they have the chops
without the postering

just bummed I missed their $2 concert in New Orleans
that then was broadcast on MTV

Sean: I am running the jet cd in iTunes, and it runs okay. However, I have tried to rip it, and it's protected. Oh well. I still like to crank it in the car. I don't care if it sounds derived. Perhaps this means that rock as a genre has actually, finally, gone full circle and there there is nothing new that can possibly be said . . . I would argue that this has happened to jazz, which means that it is officially classical music . . . Yes. I'm saying that rock may be classical music . . . Uh-oh!