Jerry vale dead

I am a little late but I still want to remember him and his beautiful voice. Jerry Vale (born Genaro Louis Vitaliano; July 8, 1930 – May 18, 2014) was an American singer and actor. RIP..
Amen. RIP
He had a unique voice.
He appeared as himself in both Goodfellas and Casino.
Met him in the mid-80s. Very gracious and humble. RIP.
Now that surprises me Kjweisner, I would of thought otherwise.

I think I'll buy an album of his on that, thank you.
I guess I'm a bit late to the condolences party, having just seen this, but what a great singer Jerry was! I remember him back in the 50's singing "Go Chase A Moonbeam" and fell in love with his voice. I have almost all his cd's and never tire of listening to him. I'll certainly miss his splendid voice!