Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor Gone?

I noticed that the website has been down for at least the last 2 weeks, but I know it was up before Christmas as I was shopping for cartridges. I've purchased quite a few things there, they've always been very helpful and informative. Just in case it was a dumb intern not paying attention I tried the 1-800 number, but the mailbox is full. Not a good sign!
Has anybody heard anything? Maybe I'm getting old, but this was one of the few online sources 15-20 years ago besides the behemoths. I'd be sad if they folded. We need more, not less sources out there!
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Thanks, I tried a variety of search words, and finally found a statement from them 9/22, as well as mention on a couple of forums. It was instant, apparently. Makes sense it was a lot longer than I thought - my mother fell and broke a hip in October, so I spent 3 months sitting in hospitals or nursing homes - all kind of a blur.

A real shame, all the more reason to support the surviving boutique stores. Every little bit helps!
I have a brick and mortar shop I like to work with. Don't get me wrong i purchase 2nd hand on Agon and USAM. 
But I still like the relationship that I developed over the years.
I do dread that day when the owner says he's done and shutting down. We have built a friendship over the years. He has been extremely helpful in my journey in the HiFi world.
I remember back 20 years ago being able to walk into so many brick and mortar shops to experience what now is non existent.
Sad i must say.
Sad..... I did support them and always put in a good word when audio component purchases were discussed
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