Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor Gone?

I noticed that the website has been down for at least the last 2 weeks, but I know it was up before Christmas as I was shopping for cartridges. I've purchased quite a few things there, they've always been very helpful and informative. Just in case it was a dumb intern not paying attention I tried the 1-800 number, but the mailbox is full. Not a good sign!
Has anybody heard anything? Maybe I'm getting old, but this was one of the few online sources 15-20 years ago besides the behemoths. I'd be sad if they folded. We need more, not less sources out there!
Do a search on "Needle Doctor". They are closed. Too bad. Nice people and another good resource gone.
Thanks, I tried a variety of search words, and finally found a statement from them 9/22, as well as mention on a couple of forums. It was instant, apparently. Makes sense it was a lot longer than I thought - my mother fell and broke a hip in October, so I spent 3 months sitting in hospitals or nursing homes - all kind of a blur.

A real shame, all the more reason to support the surviving boutique stores. Every little bit helps!
I have a brick and mortar shop I like to work with. Don't get me wrong i purchase 2nd hand on Agon and USAM. 
But I still like the relationship that I developed over the years.
I do dread that day when the owner says he's done and shutting down. We have built a friendship over the years. He has been extremely helpful in my journey in the HiFi world.
I remember back 20 years ago being able to walk into so many brick and mortar shops to experience what now is non existent.
Sad i must say.
Sad..... I did support them and always put in a good word when audio component purchases were discussed
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They were real nice people to deal with. They didn't talk down to you like some shops  do. Sorry to hear they shut their doors. 
Having read the article - link . it appears as if the battle with cancer gave him some insight with what to do with his future.  I may be reading into this - and- fortunately it may be in remission.

Raskin, 62, said he was retiring to focus on making art. He recently underwent radiation treatments and chemotherapy for tongue cancer, which he described as “brutal.”

“It’s really a matter of the heart. My heart wasn’t there. The money was good, I can tell you that,” he said.


Trust he has a long life to live and enjoy his new venture as he gave so much to Vinyl enthusiasts. 

If you have a business-head for on-line selling maybe it would be a good fit for another a-goner to see about buying.

I live in the Twin Cities and was a regular customer there.  I'm really sad they are gone.  I know a few of their employees and hope the best for them.  I imagine Jerry will sell the business eventually.  
His ex-employee's should buy the business, after all they know it well and were the direct connection to the clients.
Yes, it is strange he did not sell the business if the "money was good."
He could have just fire saled it or given it to the employees. Something else is going on here he does not want to talk about. 
Cancer of the tongue is certainly a brutal disease. Brutal is an understatement. 
I spoke with the former manager recently, and he confirmed that yes, they were on a good run, but Jerry decided to shutter the place to focus on his art photography.  He is not selling, at least for now.
That's really sad to hear, I wish him all the best. That's exactly my age - and I have friends who are facing similar issues. All I can say is F* cancer.
Thanks all who chimed in - I got sidetracked myself, life comes at you much faster when you're Jerry's or my age! I understand not wanting to have anything else to focus on but what is going to make you whole - no way I could second guess his decisions about straight-up shuttering the business.

They were a great resource in the pre-amazon days. When my ex wanted to buy me a turntable for my birthday 15 or so years ago - but not ask me - she knew I liked them and they walked her through the process.
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