Jerry Ozment has a new dac out...

the 34MXL.
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Who is Jerry Ozment and what is the name of his company?
Audio Logic. I have a 24MXL that was upgraded from the 2400. An outstanding DAC with a tube output. I'm going to have to look into the 34 MXL.
Now I'm going to have to call him to find out what's up with this DAC and if he can update my DAC, if it's worth it. Any word on the changes Jerry's made? Does he have a DSD interface?????
Check it
He didn't say. he DID say it's a huge step up(more continuous etc). Perrotta Consulting has one.
Jerry Ozment has also designed DACs by Jadis, Altis, and VAC. His Dacs are tube designs and are incredible.
He MIGHT be able to upgrade my Altis. It won't be cheap, but I'm willing to take the gamble.
I spoke with Jerry. Basically, he always felt that the 20-bit chips from the original Model 34 DAC were the best-sounding ones he ever used, so what I understand he's done has been to make a one-box version of that DAC but with the transformer-coupled output stage. Since I still listen to some 24-bit/96khz discs from Classic Records, I'm ambivalent about updating my already updated Model 34 (I had Jerry replace the 20-bit chips with the 24-bit chips when Classic started coming out with DADs). But if you have a Model 34 with the transformer-coupled output stage mod and not the 24-bit chip upgrade, you essentially have a 34MXL.
I have a 24MXL, is it upgradable to the 34MXL? I tried to call Jerry using the phone number in the owners manual but the number was discontinued with no forwarding number. Can anyone provide the phone number he is currently using?
I also started a thread asking for people who have heard the 24MXL and 34MXL to offer their thoughts. I guess that the 34MXL is too new for that as I have recieved no posts yet.

Try him at 203-222-2274. As I mentioned, I think the only difference is the different DAC chip, which he feels sounds better. He may talk you out of the change.

Anyone who has a Model 34 that had the transformer upgrade (but not the 2400's chips) will be able to tell you what the 34MXL sounds like.
Jerry said the 24MXL was ugradeable to the 34MXL. He had not yet established a price for the upgrade (two weeks ago). He said by the end of September he would have a better idea on the time and cost for the upgrade.
So, will the '34 output 24/96?
I spoke with Jerry yesterday regarding the upgrade from the 24MXL to the new 34MXL. He said that the transformer was upgraded and the components (caps, resistors) were now matched in house instead of by the manufacturer. He said it was a noticeable improvement. What I liked about him is that he didn't hype the product like some who shall go unnamed do. He also asked what I thought of the sound of the 24MXL. It is the best DAC I have owned so I had no complaints but there is always room for improvement. He said the improvements he heard were better focus and soundstaging with the 34MXL. He said no pricing or turnaround time for the upgrade has been established yet and to call him in about a month and he should have an idea by then.

Does anyone have any updated information on the upgrade?
Hi Guys I spoke with Jerry again this week and he said that the upgrade would cost about 300 to 400. He said to call back in a month to see when he would be ready to take orders. Bart
Update--I just spoke with Jerry Ozment and the upgrade from 24MXL to 34 MXL is still not available. He's working on maximizing the effects of the upgrade while minimizing changes that have no sonic benefit. Unfortunately for us 24 MXL owners, this doesn'nt appear to be a priority at the moment and I was advised to check back in a couple of months. If anyone else has any new information about this please keep us posted.