Jennings Research? Anyone heard of?

OK mystery speaker time. I got a cheap set of tower speakers for my bro. to use with an extra receiver for one of the kids to use, etc. Guess these Jennings Research are not "high end" apparently some 70's brand. Look to be well constructed and the price was right for the usage. All I can find out is made in LA, and the basic specs on the label. I really cannot find anything much at all online for the brand. Anyone have any comments about history? Two woofers and a dome tweet, Contrara or something like that.
Back in the mid seventies I had a pair of floorstanding Jennings Research speakers as well as a set of bookshelves. The floorstanding ones sounded better than the JBL L100's that I was originally going to buy. You can find some additional information on them on Audio Asylum under the speaker forum.
Thanks. So far I have not seen anything negative, like they were sold by guys driving around in vans or something. Ahhh, those 70's era box speakers. Back when they had hifi/mid fi stores you could walk into and see a dozen brands(not just types) of speakers on display. I must say I have not been feeling an urge to visit one of the "home the-ater" specialty shops lately.
Well I finally listened to the speakers. The beautiful walnut cabinets unfortunately enclose just fair sound. Like alot of non descript boxy 70's speakers. Not hi fi. And one tweet is weak. Guess I will swap those out for the recipient. If you see them cheap and clean, nice project enclosures for your new drivers but nothing remarkable as for sound. No wonder they did not last on market. But they put money into the looks.