Jennifer Warnes 20th Ann Famous Blue Raincoat RI

has anyone heard this? I ordered it yesterday - it has 4 previously unreleased track. Also, below is an interview with Jennifer (thanks to the Poster on VA) that's interesting, and gives insight into Jennifer's interest in production and recording quality.

Jennifer Warnes Interview

I own the CD. It is very well recorded. Not my favorite kind of music, but good to listen to when I'm in the right mood.

Thanks for the tip, and the link. I'll order it right away. One of my favorites.
I have this on 2 Limited Edition gold CDs, an older Private Music release and the recent Cisco Music 20th Anniversary issue.
The Private Music release is mellower and rounder while the Cisco is sharper, clearer, more focused and detailed (in a couple of places I would even call it edgy).
The new Cisco release is all analog re-mastered by Bernie Grundman but to me doesn't sound like it.
The Private Music release sounds more "tubey". Go figure.
I'm not sure I prefer one over the other, they're just different. I don't like all the songs but some are fabulous.
My question to you is, was it really necessary?
If it wasn't for HP in the earlier days, this album wouldn't even have sold....
It's very well recorded and performed, but Leonard Cohen lyrics are depressing.
I expected this may appeal to JW fans (which I believe there are a number of on this site based on prior dialog). I wanted a good CD of this album because my original CD copy is poorly mastered and leaves a lot to be desired. I also have it on vinyl and it's excellent - more like the usual JW production.
Yeah, Lenny can be a downer for sure.
I have this on original and gold cd's and have had many copies on vinyl - and I don't see what all the hullabaloo is about. It's a better than average recording, but there's still much compression evident. Jenny is a great singer, and I like L.C. a lot, but this is not even in my top 100. If I had to keep one or the other, I'd go with L.C.'s I'm Your Man anytime.

My even more frank opinion - I think FBR is chronically overrated by middle aged audiophile men because of the allure of Jenny's very sexy voice.
I don't know where I was when it first came out, but I missed the original hullabaloo. I bought the recent reissue (Cisco I think) and find it "interesting." I "discovered" her on the Wasserman "Duets" CD which had her doing "Ballad of the Runaway Horse".

Anyway, IMHO, this is a good album, but not great. LC's lyrics are pretty bummer in general, so it doesn't get repeated listening by me.

I think FBR is chronically overrated by middle aged audiophile men because of the allure of Jenny's very sexy voice.

what is wrong with loving Jenny's voice? i admit that i listen to many many female vocalists because their voices sound heavenly. not necessarily in a sexual context but i suppose there is likely some biology involved.....the world would be a less enjoyable place without women's voices. the attraction of any vocal is part of the enjoyment of any music and does not disqualify music as not worthy. musical value is in the mind of the beholder.

FBR is a bit of an aquired taste and i've been hot and cold on it over the years. i enjoy 'The Hunter' more among Jennifer's albums.

my fav Jennifer Warnes song is the duet with Joe Cocker 'Up Where We Belong'. her soaring vocals on that made me a fan for life.
Hi - nothing wrong with loving Jenny's voice. I've been a fan since she was a back-up vocalist. It just doesn't justify (to me) FBR's status as an "audiophile" recording necessitating us to buy reissue upon reissue.
It's just that it was an unnecessary reissue. When I think of all the things that could be brought out or better mastered, and they give us this. It needs to go the way of Susannah McCorkle albums. Hopefully Diana Krall albums will end up there, too. My friends think the trouble with "audiophilia land" is the lameness of music...and in some cases I have to agree.
it's interesting, and surprising to me that this post brought out such strong contrary opinion. Everything is being reissued these days, and everyone does interviews on obscure "art" radio stations. As for this album being an "audiophile" recording - I guess I never considered it so, especially since my first copy is a CD that's so overly compressed it could never be mistaken for one. That said, I have always like JW's voice and and vocal style, and I really like the songs on the CD.

Since posting this I have received my purchase of the "reissue" and given it a couple of plays. It's much better than my original CD version, but still not nearly as good as my vinyl copy, nor as good as "The Well" or "The Hunter". That's a little disappointing. The 4 bonus tracks however make the RI worth purchasing IMHO. But if you find JW's music lame, or the lyrics depressing then of course don't bother.
I love everything about Jennifer Warnes' music. Already having one, I purchased the re-issue of FBR just for the added songs. I pulled out "The Well" this afternoon and while doing my UltraBit routine I noticed the CD had a few minor scratches. Not realizing that its becaome a cult classic, I went on Amazon to buy a new one. I learned that new one's are no longer available, and the used ones are way up there in price.
I also like Jennifer Warnes music very much. Although there are some fabulous songs on FBR it's my least favorite of her releases. I think "The Hunter" and "The Well" are much better albums.
My favorite is a Greatest Hits CD compiled by the German label Zounds. The selection is very good and the CD sounds excellent. There was another Greatest Hits CD that was awful.
There seems to be a vein of melancholy running through all of her albums even without the downer quality of Leonard Cohens lyrics.
BTW: For JW fans, a gold version of The Hunter is scheduled for release by Cisco soon.
Raks, I was not aware of the situation you mention concerning "The Well". I'll be more careful with my copy.
Heads up for JW fans, Blu-spec version of "The Hunter" is scheduled for release in Japan on 6/10/09.
It seems Leonard Cohen is too depressing for the average audiophile.I find that uplifting in a strange way.
Well, if your system's too bright he can give it some darkness, that's for sure.
I see that we are now being 'treated' to a new limited edition release of "The Well". Its on 3 x 180gm 45 rpm discs plus 3 'exclusive' bonus tracks.
This lady needs to get back into the studio and lay down some new tracks and make a new album or three before her great voice fails. Or is this the reason for many of her albums getting re-issued?
Yes, a new album would be great!
She's great as one of the female backup singers on Roy Orbison black and white dvd
It's a bit early I suppose, but has anyone heard the 45rpm release of The Well yet? At $90 it's not light on the pocket book but if it were the best version of this recording it may be worth the cost.
I was thinking maybe another album of covers by some great writer, like Dylan for instance, could be very interesting; in the vein of Famous Blue Raincoat. Or another mix of covers like The Well or The Hunter would be fine as well. Jenny, get busy girl! You have fans out here who want to hear your voice!
Jenny, get busy girl! You have fans out here who want to hear your voice!
Hear here!

If anyone would like (as in for free) a couple copies of the original LP, shoot me an e-mail at I picked it up like every good audio nerd back in the day, listened to it once (it left me cold), then again to make sure it wasn't just me, then put it away. I think one of them is even one of those fancy Cypress Records versions. I unearthed them during the moving preparations.

Anyhow, just let me know. We can figure out shipping, and off you go.