Jenna Labs Valkyre Vs. Nordost Reference

Are there any opinions as to differences between the two, or any other quality cables I should consider? Thanks.
I currently own Tenor Audio Amps, and am considering either Watt Puppy Sevens, or Khorus Xs speakers, when I decide to purchase.
I have symphony's with Talon X's and Tenor 75's and they're great!. I heard a pair of valkyre's last week in my system and they weren't settled in from travel, but they are marginally diffrent and in this case lower volume and less detailed. While I couldn't anticipate this or explain it, it did occur. I haven't heard the Nordost Reference. My speaker cables are Jena 15's. It's wide open and detailed with extended bass and highs.

Bill E.
I went from the Nordost Quatra Fil to the Jenna Valkyre in a heartbeat. The Valkyre was much more open, detailed, dynamic and had a much larger stage in both depth and width. They were more extended in both top and bottom with more bottom detail and less high end grain. I use the Jenna 15 for speaker cables on Avantgarde Trios driven by either Tenors or KR Dual Kronzilla monoblocks. There was very little difference in the Valkrye and the one above that (I believe the Symphony) though the Valkrye was cryoed and the Symphony I tried was not. The Jennas breathed life like the Tenors and the Kronzillas do.
I heard something slightly different then Bill with the talon x and tenor 75's, I felt that the midrange was a little smoother with the valkyre then the symphony. That could have been due to many factors, shipping/jarring of cables on the trip, speaker placement(at the time, which now has changed) or my younger ears. I say my younger ears simply because I was the only listener there under 30, and at around 30 years old hearing rolls of -3dB at above 10kHz which could have explained the difference that I believe was present. All of that being said I use symphony and am planning on getting twin 15's soon. As far as comparing the cables to Nordost, some prefer the Valhalla to the Jena cables, they(valhalla) offer slightly more detail and bloom, as where the Jena's seem to be more on the nuetral side what you here isn't the cables its the rest of the system(which means when you have the right components your hearing the music). I believe both companies will offer an in home trial, give it a shot and see which you prefer in your system. ~Tim