Jena Labs top of the line Speaker cables ??

Comments if you own them, they say that they are as good or close to the Opus Transparent speaker cables. I think they are the Symphony series. I never see Jena lab speaker cables for sale.comments please

Jena labs cables from top of the line to bottom:

Pathfinder $3540.00 3 ft pair
Valyare $2600.00 3 ft pair
Symphony $2050.00 3 ft pair
Fugue $1100.00 3 ft pair
Triumph $900.00 3 ft pair
Gamma 6 $650.00 3 ft pair
Siamese 4 $440.00 3 ft pair
Please I'm only interested in "" The Pathfinder ""
Info please!
I don't have the pathfinder but I do have the Valkyre and have listened to the pathfinder amany times. To my ears, if your system is up to the level they are simply the finest cables I have ever heard. I previously had Valhalla's and have demo'd and heard countless other cables and I can't find anything that I like better- believe me I've tried!! Just be warned if you are going to use Jena Labs cables you shouldn't mix and match, they don't tend to mate up well with other cables, I think it has to do with the low resitance of the Jena Labs cables. What are you currently running for cables?
I,m using Valhalla IC's ( sometimes Ridge Street Audio silver edition, for violins and orchestra ) and Transparent Reference speaker cables.
I tried the Valhalla/ Siltech G5 Echo Bay speaker cable and didn't like it much.
Are you using SS amp/preamp ?
Yes I'm using SS amp and pre