Jena Labs Speakeasy 11

Does anyone know this type of Jena Labs speakercable?


Its the same as the symphony, it was what she called them before they were symphony, valyre, pathfinder, etc..
Thanks Tireguy ! The JL's will be replacing Nirvana SX-Ltd SC.
The speakeasy might not be cryo'd. It depends on it's age.
What's the sonical benefit of the 'cryo' proces?
Blacker background, faster, just a wee bit better all around on her cables. Cryo treating changes the sound but on some cables not for the better, that is not the case with Jena labs though. I haven't seen a set of the speakeasy cables in a while, but if I recall one side will have a Twin 11 or Speakeasy 11 on it and the other side should read Cryo or Cryo Treated(if its cryo treated) - that's the speaker side of the cable. The other side has Jena Labs stickers on it, and that goes towards the amp.
OK. Thanks. Are you using JL's or Xindak sc ??
I was using jena's but was freeing up cash and downgraded to xindak speaker cables and cyberlight interconnects. I was using pathfinder interconnects and valkyre speaker cables.
I thought Jena cables aren't directional? Have I been mistaken?
I was told that, but since they aren't 'burned in' cables I wondered myself - I never tried going the other direction so I can't say for sure. That being said, if you been using them one way it would take a while for them to align themselves going the other direction.
Very few cables are directional until you burn them in. The direction indicators are so you remember which way you or the previous owner was using them.