Jena Labs interconnects - how good are these?

As we have no Jena Labs dealer around I wonder if anybody has ever compared Jena Labs Symphony XLR to the similar priced Cardas Golden Reference, TaraLabs The 2 ISM onboard, Kimber KS 1130, etc.
I compared the Jena Labs Symphony RCA interconnects to Kimber Select 1030 in my system. In my system, the Jena Labs cables were better, producing a more natural, relaxed sound.
The Jena Labs cables are more transparent and exhibit a lower noise floor. With respect to speed, detail and punch, I felt that the performance of the cables was very close.
Cincy bob: Is it true that Jena Labs interconnects only perform at their best when paired with Jena speaker cables ?
Frankpiet, in my system, I first replaced my interconnects one cable at a time (from Kimber 1030 to Jena Labs Symphony) then, subsequently, replaced my speaker cables (from Transparent Ultra XL BiCables to Jena Labs Symphony). While there were gradual improvements in sound quality throughout this period as each new Jena Labs cable was installed, I personally think that the improvement was primarily due to the Jena Labs cables simply outperforming the predecessor cables as opposed to some pervasive synergy issue. It's hard to say, though, since I only have this one experience with my system by which to judge.