Jena Labs Dussy Jumpers Super Jumpers

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If you’re here reading this, it’s likely you’re already using high-quality interconnects and speaker cables assembled with high purity copper or silver wire, maybe even gold. Don’t you think your jumpers would benefit from the same level of craftsmanship?

As with any piece of equipment geared towards the entry-level or budget-minded audiophile, corners need to be cut to keep costs down and performance a fraction below that of higher-end reference lines. In the case of the NAD C 326BEE, the stock preamp-out to main-in jumpers are clear victims of penny-pinching—it’s nothing more than an oversized staple! Actually, it’s a cheap steel U-bar with a plastic thumb tab. Tisk, tisk.

“Even over a short distance, a certain level of signal degradation can occur due to poor metallurgy and the poor electrodynamics qualities of factory supplied jumpers,” explains Jennifer Crock of Jena Labs, designers and producers of high-end stereo cabling and components. “The bottom line is that you’ll want to replace that fat bar of cheap solid wire with superb conductors and connectors.”

I can attest to that. Swapping out the stock jumpers on my NAD C 326BEE for the reasonably-priced Gotham GAC-1 pair was eye-opening (these match my Gotham Audio speaker cables). What I noticed first was the smoother sound. It’s like the grit and grim was cleaned up, making the noise floor quieter. Simply put, the sound was just better, and the music had more gusto.

Having spent several months with the Gotham jumpers in my system, I recently began auditioning a used pair of the Jena Labs Dussy Jumpers....

Eargasm Alert: All I can say is, “Wow!” Though I didn't expect much, the difference was nothing short of dramatic. The detail these things reveal is simply amazing. They do everything the Gotham GAC-1 did for the sound, except better. More detail throughout the frequency range. Better clarity. Not a hint of noise or graininess. Just clean, smooth, free-flowing music. The difference is so clear that you won’t even be questioning whether it’s just a placebo effect or some sort of expectation bias kicking in either. And for those who base their purchases on aesthetics, the Jena Labs jumpers are damn good looking and superbly built, too.

The audible improvements gained by sending those cheap stock jumpers back to the scrap metal heap and plugging in some well-made replacements are so great that I’ll go so far as to say that it’s an essential tweak for every NAD C 326BEE owner—and it’s without a doubt an upgrade to consider for every component that requires jumpers. Don’t even think twice about it. High-quality preamp-out to main-in jumpers will reduce distortion and deliver the detailed sound you need to get another step closer to Audio Nirvana.

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