Jena Labs - Any experience?

Does anyone have any experience with any of Jena Labs cables? Please compare them to the others with which you you are familiar. I am particularly interested in their digital offerings. Thanks in advance.
I changed from MIT Oracle V4 speaker cable to Jena Valkurie and from Acoustic Zen Silver reference to Jena symphony interconnects. The MIT and Zen are fabulous cables. However, the Jenas were a worthwile upgrade. The Jenas are quieter (blacker background - less hash), more natural, better imaging, etc.
Hello, if you search Jena Labs you'll find that I post the same thing almost everytime.... I am HUGE Jena Labs fan, IMO her cables are the best regardless of price. These cables do not color or alter the sound in any way, if something doesn't sound right in your system when you use these cables- its something else. Do a search here and read the accolades- disclaimer I only have experience with the Symphony line and up.
replaced my nordost silver shadow cable with a jena visionary 75 ohm which held its own and then some. also had a gemini digital cable that was a very solid digital cable. kurt
Thanks for your replies. I will give them a go - starting with the digital. By the way, appearing unahielded, do you have to be especially careful with proximity to power cords?
Hi All,

I am also interested in the Jena cables. The Symphony is what I would be looking for. I have Tenor 75 Wi with the Avalon Opus. Accuphase DP-75v. 8 meter balanced TARA The One interconnect going into the Tenors from the 75v. TARA The One speaker cables. Power cords are Elrod Sig EPS 3 on the amps. No preamp. Using the attenuator on the Tenor.

The TARA does do many things very well...but I feel it is a little dark. Curious what the Jena is like. Has anyone done a comparison with it and the TARA speaker cable or the interconenct?

While we are on the subject of the Tenor, has anyone found a better power cord than the Elrod Sigs? I do like the Elrod Sigs, but I find the some inner detail is taken away.

Hi Rich, I have the Tenor 300 Hybrids and I had Elrod PC's but just their regular ones. I now have Shunyata Anaconda VX alpha's. I am very happy with them. I have not tried David's higher end cables but I did like the three I had but found the Shunyata's more to my liking.

I have the Jena Pathfinder balanced ICs and speaker cables. To my ears, they're the best I've heard. Fabulous cables that seem to do absolutely everything right. If they have a weakness, it might be their price--but, then again, I've heard things a lot *more* expensive (Transparent Opus, Black Pearl, etc.) that don't sound as good. Definitely worth looking into.
S23: I'm using the Tenor 300 tube hybrids--same as Panorama. The Jenas mate extremely well with those amps.
What level Jena cable would I have to get to compete/better the performance of a Nordost Valhalla??
Some may say the Symphony, but I'd go with the Pathfinder. You get better resolution, along with an audibly richer and more believable midrange. The Valhallas are still an excellent cable, but, in my mind, the Pathfinders are clearly better all around.
I think you might want to try and audition the Jena Labs Pathfinders. I find then more to my liking than the Valhalla.
I recently changed speakers & cables. the speakers are Piega and the cables, MIT-MH-750 Magnum. They sounded horrible with the existing ICs, which were Cardas Golden Ref. and Purist Audio. I borrowed two ICs from audiophile friends, a Jena Labs Sineweave 7 and a Nordost Valhalla. I took the Purist out and inserted both cables, not much better. Reinserted the Purist, took the Cardas out and inserted the Valhalla and bingo, the sound was unreal. Listened for about two hours and thought I had made my mind up, the Valhallas were it. Put the Jena Labs in to replace the Valhallas. Could not believe it, the Jenas were better in every respect, not even close. Is the Jena better than the Nordost? In my system it was certainly better.
Agree with above on the Piega's. The Jena's seemed a great match with the ribbon. More dynamic,detailed and transparent. I am using the symphony's.
Thanks, guys....I just bought that 1.5m run of Jena Symphony on Audiogon and look forward to trying it out vs. the Valhalla on the cd player.....will be looking to replace those preamp to amp connections with the same.....$$$$ WOW!
Strongly recommend NBS classic lines (from King serpent to Statement) for preamp to amp connection. It is probably the best commercial cable out there.
Hi everyone
I have the jena labs pathfinder interconnect and speaker cable for two years now, which i love very much, but there is a new cable from High Fidelity that i just try last week and all i can say is WOW. Have anyone try out this cable yet? If you do let me know what you think between the two cable.