Jena cables

Has anyone tried them out recently? They are highly touted. Compared against Nordost and Synergistic?
I have listened to them and am ordering a 5meter Symphony line(there midline) XLR balanced cable for use with my new CD player. For there money I don't think they can be beat, some claim they are better then Valhalla, I don't know since I haven't compared the two back to back, how ever there is a member who uses the moniker MikeLavigne who knows a lot about all of the cables we are talking about. He favors the sound of the Valhalla, and uses Transparent Opus speaker cables(which I don't think much is in the same league as them) but he can give you a very honest opinion on them. Also the member Jtinn is a dealer for them and will be able to offer some sort of recomendation and opinion on these compared to other cables that he sells, and has heard. I am currently using Cardas Golden Reference cables which I feel are slightly warm, and slightly colored in the midrange-though I am still VERY happy with them, but am leaning towards the more nuetrel side of sound lately.

Hi Gladstone, I use the Gemini digital cable and like it alot. I have not tried their ic's. The Gemini is a well built cable with Cardas rca's and the first cable I have seen that uses two cables into the rca's vs the one that you normanly see. Hence the Gemini name. Best of luck.
Since I am a audiophile myself first and foremost and not a cables salesman and since I have had the chance to listen to above mentioned cables, I think I can post my personal findings here.
First of all, we need to make clear what line of cables we talk about.
All the mentioned cables companies have a broad range of a cables from entry level to top performance level.
Which ones are we comparing here? If somebody says they are better than the Valhalla, which of the Jena Labs line did he compare it to?
I think that he did not mean the Jena Symphony line of cables, since this is Jena Lab's medium line. There is still two more lines of cables to the top.
In my opinion, the mid-level Symphony Jena wire does not hold a candle against the Valhalla, or top Synergistic Research Designer's reference.

I think that the $3000 Valkyre comes close to the Valhalla and the $6000 Pathfinder can be the better cable in some systems. I would say that the top Synergistic Designer's reference has not the famed Valhalla performance. Its lacking some of the incredible details of the Valhalla.
So depending which of the Jena labs cable we speak here, if someone has deep pockets, he can get Valhalla or better performance with Jena Labs cables. But that means to buy the Valkyre or Pathfinder line of cables.
I believe that the Jena Symphony line is like Nordost's Quattro Fils cables.
Tekunda-which of the Jena labs cables have you listened to? I thought the Valkyre surpassed the Valhalla on every level and the symphony was so darn close it was hard to chose a winner. Don't let the low MSRP fool you, with these cables it is hard to compare apples to apples. I have no experience with the Pathfinder, though they were the cables used in what is being called the best sounding room ever at CES, which was of course the Audio Aero, Tenor, Rockport, Jena room.

The opinions about the Jena Labs Valkyre, really besting the Valhalla cables, are divided, but at least pricewise they come very close.
When I set out on my cable quest, even $3000 for a pair of interconnects was kind of expensive and I was searching for this special brand of cables, delivering what I called "Valhalla" performance for around $1000.
As far as I know there is only one brand in existence , wich can claim to deliver this gigantic price-performance ratio.
If people on the other hand rather buy emotions, they have a whole selection of even more expensive cables to choose from, like Siltech G5, Silversmith Palladium, Kharma etc.
But I am much more concerned about performance.
To clarify: I was thinking of the medium to top of the line Jena labs cables versus other top of the line cables such as Nordost and Synergistic.
I did a direct and extensive comparison of the Valhalla and the Jena Labs Symphony interconnects a few months ago. I found the Symphony to be the equal of the Valhalla in every way; and better in a few ways, e.g. more natural body on acoustic instruments and vocals, better high and low-end extension, slightly fuller bass - without bloat - and, significantly, a much quieter background. I lost no information with the Symphony vis a vis the Valhalla, and I am convinced the Symphony is equally transparent (and less colored). I bought the Symphony cables, but not because of the price. My system consists of G&D Ultimate transport, latest Dodson DAC, CTC Blowtorch preamp, Jeff Rowland Model 10 amplifier, and Rockport Antares loudspeakers. I am presently using Silversmith speaker cables and use David Elrod power cords on everything. Hope this helps a little bit.
Many thanks. Quite illuminating. What are the Silversmith cables?
I lived with Valhalla for about 6 weeks and thought they were incredible.The best sounding cables I'd had in my system.Fast, detailed, transparent, did I mention fast? I subsequently demo'd the Jena Symphony and Pathfinder. In my system, the Jena's did did everything the Valhalla did, PRAT, speed, detail, transparency, but in addition rendered instruments with more body, had more extended highs and a more natural sounding bass. Going back to the Valhalla, they seemed a tad threadbare and lean, the absence of body obtained with the Jena's was quite noticeable. I found the background to be blacker with the Jena's also. But the thing that struck me most was the ease of presentation with the Jena's, it was a more musically natural ,easy sound. Kinda like the headroom increased. I don't know how else to describe it. I found these characteristics with both the Symphony's and Pathfinder, albeit to a greater degree with the latter, which I purchased, along with the Twin-19 SC's. I've not heard the Valkyres. If I had been budget restrained, I would still have purchased the Jena's (Symphony), in my system it bested the Valhalla.
Gladstone - I'm not sure what you mean: "what are the Silversmith cables?" They are speaker cables from Silversmith Audio. I preferred these to the Jena Labs Valkrye speaker cables, but preferred the Jena Symphony interconnects to the Silversmith (and others). You might want to check out Good luck.
Tekunda - I'm curious as to whether you have compared the Jena Symphony interconnects directly to the Valhalla ICs, meaning in the same system, under the same conditions, etc. I mean no offense at all. It's just that the last I knew you had not heard the Jena cables.
Jfz....I never said that I have owned the Jena Labs cables, but since I started to sell the HMS cables, I am meeting quite a few people outside of the AA and Audiogon forums.
I live in Key Largo, which is one of the holiday spots in the US, so people come from all over the world to fish and dive. Also, Miami, which is one of the great metropolitan areas of this world, is close by, so quite a few people have asked me, if they could come and visit me in my home, to see if it is only hype what I say about the HMS cables, or if I am for real and the HMS cables are really this great performers for such a low price.
And quite a few guys bring their personal cables along, for a little private shoot-out and I haven't changed the set up in my system for quite a while now. So the conditions have been the same for all cables.
Is anybody here willing to also compare the HMS versus any of the Jena Labs cables? You can email me, if you want to discuss the details of such a shoout-out.
Tekunda - I didn't mean to say you had owned the Jena Labs cables (and, actually, I didn't think I had). I was just responding to your statement that "in my opinion, the Jena Symphony wire doesn't hold a candle to the Valhalla". Again, I don't mean to give you a hard time. It's just that I think, as audiophiles trying to help others who've asked questions, we have some responsibility to say clearly where our opinions come from. If, for example, the opinion you stated was based on John Doe visiting you and comparing his brand X to the Valhalla (with the Valhalla coming out on top), along with John Doe telling you he preferred his brand X to the Jena Labs Symphony, I have no problem with that. I just think it's helpful for others to know what our opinions are based on. By the way, I'm not saying this is an accurate scenario in your case. If you've directly compared the Valhalla and Jena Symphony I think a few details about that comparison would be very helpful also.
Tireguy: Mikelavigne has not compared any of the Jena Labs cables to the Valhallas. He compared the Jena Labs Symphony with the $30,000 Transparent Opus and we all thought the Opus was a bit better at a few things, but the much less expensive Symphony did great against the much more expensive cable.

One of these days I will bring a full set for him to hear, but hs system sounds so great right now, why even bother. Even if he can improve, it is already the most enjoyable system I have ever heard.`
Tekunda- I don't mind dealers pitching their wares, happens frequently, and I'd like to think I'm cogent enough to separate fact from fiction. But your " I live in a hotspot and people drop by so my cable is great etc" sounds, well, lame. Specify what you heard in a direst A/B comparison, merits etc. Otherwise you're merely espousing conjecture, which helps no one at all, and frankly looks rather ridiculous.HMS may be the cat's meow, but the slider you threw missed the plate, at least for me.
During your comparisons when you were in the market for cables, I supported your efforts, regardless of whether I agreed with your outcome. Everyone has their own criteria for listening and I respect that. What I do not respect is your blatant attempt at knocking a product you have never had a chance to hear only for the benefit of selling your own product.

You continue to avoid answering Jfz's question: Which Jena Labs cables did you listen to? There are two users here that have listened and made it clear that the Jena Labs MID LINE cables, The Symphonys's were better for them in their systems. The Symphony's are even less money than your cables.

I know you wanted to audition the Jena Labs line before you started distributing those cables you have, but did not get a chance due to the back order. I challenge you to provide the name of the person who brought over the cables for you to hear. I am sure that person does not exist.

You are completely wrong in your description of the Jena Labs cables and I venture to guess you are full of it. You are taking this opportunity to sell you cables and LIE about a product you know nothing about. What you are doing is totally improper.

TEKUNDA, I will take your challenge. Send me a 5 foot XLR and a 5 foot speaker cable and I will let you know how they fare. I will have a group of impartial listeners to witness the results. I will only compare them to Jena Labs midline cable, The Symphony, and I am sure of the results ahead of time. I have heard from enough people about how your cables hold up against the Valhalla, but I guaranty you this is in a different league entirely.

My address is available to you through email.

I will have Mikelavigne here for an unbiased opinion as well as John_l, Analog4ian and others.

Please send them as soon as possible. I am sure the members here will be anxiously awaiting the results.

JFZ--I meant who made them. Thanks.
I think the post by Mes was right on target.This is very much like my own experience. Yesterday I heard Valhalla interconnect compared to JENA Labs Pathfinder. The results were not even close, to my ears.
I have found that the JENA Labs cables all have the same sonic signature. They all use the same wire and termination. As you move up the line what you get is more wire and more of the same good sound. I personally own Symphony interconnects. While I was waiting for them to to arrive, I was loaned Pathfinder cables. The difference was not as much as I expected. They sounded very much the same. The pathfinder had a bit more bass and more body. They replaced Straightwire Crescendo in my system, which sounded harsh in comparison.
It's good to see that a cable has earned the approbation of so many listeners. I'm still waiting for the skeptic to emerge to tell us that our discussion is nonsensical since all cables sound alike.
I have spoken to a number of Audiogon members that are ready to hear the comparison.

Why have you not responded?
Are there any audiogon members that have already compared the two?
Hi Gladstone,

Two links to goto from the original post. Mike L is using all Valhalla interconnects throughout, and is using a "Jena Labs custom XLR switching box, dual mono design, Shalcro switches, Neutric connectors, deep immersion cryo treated --with source equipment. Placette Balanced Remote Volume Control next to amps."

Audio Asylum Moniker mikel

His system photos:

He might have had the opportunity to audition the Jena Labs

Hope this helps
Thanks for the tip.
hi Guys, as jtinn said....i have only actually compared the Jena Labs Symphony speaker cable to the Transparent Opus MM in my jtinn said the Opus was better but the Jena Labs was very good....probably as good as any other besides the Opus in my system.

i have had some Jena Labs interconnects briefly in my system some other times but not in a comparison situation. i have heard the various Jena Labs cables in jtinn's system and at CES and have always been impressed. the Jena Labs seems to be very neutral but also fast, extended and full-bodied.

generally i would guess that the Jena Labs might be preferrable to the Valhalla in many solid state amplified or digital sourced systems (note i said "many" not "all"). any lack of naturalness in the signal path will be completely revealed with the Valhalla to a higher degree than other cables i have heard.

the switchbox that Jennifer Crock made for me is a real sonic wonder and i am quite impressed with Jennifer's knowledge and expertise.

the Valhalla and Opus seem to "work" very synergistically in my particular system and i have no present "cable" agendas. i believe that not all systems can handle the brutal resolution that the Valhalla can dish out so i am not surprised that some other cables are preferred in other systems. in my opinion the natural clarity of the Kharma Exquisites and Tenor amps are fully realized with the Valhalla and Opus.

it is possible that in the near future some cable shoot-out might be arranged (just for fun) to compare the Valhalla, Jena Labs, and HMS.....but even if that happens it would only be in the context of one particular YMMV.

I use Jena Labs Twin 19 speaker cables in my system and have compared them to several similarly priced cables. Unfortunately, while I have tried Nordost SPM reference cables, which I found thinner and not as extended in my system, I have not compared them to the Valhallas. To me, the Jena's have done the best of any cable I've tried in my system to this point (hardly exhaustive) --they are quick, extended, detailed without being overly so, deep and most importantly, natural sounding. Also, I noticed references to Jena Symphony speaker cables in a couple of places in this thread. This may be a new naming scheme, but I was under the impression that the entire line of speaker cables was Twin N where N is some number in {5, 7, 11, 15, 19}. I have not yet tried the Jena interconnects.

Just how good are the Jena's? After breaking them in, I sat my girlfriend down for a listen and she grundgingly offered that the system finally sounded amazing. That was worth the $4300 right there.
I'm amazed at the number of posts my question has elicited. Many thanks.