JEM Blue Pearl

I was fortunate enough to be invited over to Martin Eastons factory for a guide around the JEM and the new Star turntables.
I have read the reviews and seen the photos of the JEM but had never seen one in the flesh,and BOY can I tell you that this is one Fantastic piece of engineering which looks absolutely spectacular.
Martin talked me through the whole concept of the design showing me early pre production parts and photos of all the machining processes and I was left in total awe!
This turntable really is a labour of love,and every single component is hand picked for quality,no matter how small!
I really enjoyed this visit and it was a real eye opener to see just how much work goes into these decks.
I only wish I could afford one!
I have been promised a listen next time, which I am sure will be a real ear opener as well!
Terry Dale
Thanks for the info. Do they have a website ? Any new model/upgrade version of their table ?