Jelco Tonearn SA750D

Hello Guys,

Anyone knows the Jelco SA750D tonearm?

It looks better than che supposely cheapo SA250 brother better known as Vivid Arm by TW Acustic Raven One owners

Any opinion about?
Looks exactly like the Sumiko MMT, which was Sumiko's budget arm back when, both the FT-3 and the FT-4 being upmarket of it.
Jelco does manufacture the Vivid arms as well as Sumiko, Graham Robin, and some others.
I have one but haven't used it much. It is very nicely made. Will be trying it out when my RS Labs headshell arrives in a week or so.

Koetsu is another brand Jelco OEM'd for. Also the Artisan arm available with the baby Galibier is built to spec by Jelco.
No idea. I've got a modded RB250, but haven't used it in years. I'll post again once I've got the 750D running with RS Labs headshell.
I have a SA-750D on one of my tables. It is a very good arm. Terribly underrated. IMO, it is as good as you can get for under three times its price. It's not as good as my JMW-12 using the same AT OC-9/II cartridge.

I have never heard the Ortofon.