Jelco Tone Arms 9 and 12 inch

I would love to find out how many if any are using this tone arm. Let me know the following:

1. Which length arm you are using?
2. What turntable you use the arm on?
3. What cartridge are you using with the most success?
4. Have you noticed any bearing or other problems?
5. What about their tone arm cables, which to buy?

I understand this company has made tone arms for a number of other high end turntable manufacturers with great success. If there are no major or other problems the Jelco tone arms look like a great buy.

I would very much appreciate any and all information and suggestions from forum members. The motor burned out of my old Cranfield Rock Turntable. The motor that lifts and lowers the Excalibur tone arm also malfunctioned. By the way my Excalibur arm is a very old model and not worth trying to save. I had thought about getting it rewired but decided after speaking with a rewire expert that it would be best to purchase a newer tone arm. So rather than try to get all of this repaired I am going to use the platter and bearing and build a new heavier plinth. I have already ordered a stand-a-lone motor for this project. I was thinking about using a 12 inch tone arm. A friend told me about the Jelco's which I had never heard of. They look interesting and they look like a quality product. I look forward to all your comments and suggestions.
When I moved 2 years ago, the Koetsu arm on the Oracle Delphi MKI was damaged and I couldn't get the part. I suspect the Koetsu arm was OEM from Jelco. Anyway, I bought a 9" Jelco and I think it is a better arm. My Oracle with Koetsu Onyx has never sounded better. Yeah, I think it's a deal.
i'm using the audioquest pt9, which is the same arm as the 250 straight-arm. using at the moment with a garrott bros k3, though my favorite mm with this arm is the AT150(which is a steal for the money). it is wired with silver, and is one of the best arms i've ever used. that includes any rega up to the 900, and helius orion. a solid value.
I also have a Audioquest PT-9 with a VPI hw19jr wired with a-quest silver phono. I currently have a Goldring 1042 mounted and I am very happy. The only change I am looking forward to is a Pete Riggles VTAF gizmo. I can change the VTA currently but it is not easy or accurate, as it is a single allen screw. Otherwise I am very, very happy with this arm / cart combo, it sounds like a much more expensive set up.
I own a 250st that came with my Avid Diva II. It's a wonderful arm, the only reason I'm not using it now, is I find a great deal on an SME 345.

I also have a new 750D that I purchased here last week for my TD 124 project. Their build quality is excellent, and I'd put them up against anything that costs three times as much.
Many thanks to all who provided guidance and suggestions. I do appreciate your sharing of information. Thanks again.

Bob W.
Apparently the 9" Jelco arms have an effective mass of 18g. This cab be adjusted somewhat, by using a different headshell. The stock shell is said to be 12g. The damping of the arm will allow it to be used with a much wider range of cartridges then would normally be possible with a heavy arm.

I know this because I looked into it, and was considering buying one. I've owned a Jelco made arm in the past (Linn) and thought it was very good for the little amount I paid.
I have an AudioQuest PT-6 on my Sota. Easy to use. Simple to adjust. Stays set up the way you set it up. VTA is a pain with just an allen screw but that's my only complaint. Sounds very nice with an Audio Technica OC-9.
I have a Audioquest PT-6 on a VPI HMW-19 jr with a Benz Micro Gold cartridge. It sounds great and it is getting better.
Can anyone tell me what the best method for azimuth adjustment is with this setup? Also, is there a VTA accessory like the Pete Riggles that will work with this arm?
Thanks in advance.

I'm using an 8 gr LP Gear headshell with my 750d which lowers the effective mass to 14gr. A Koetsu black is being used with it now, with good results.

Not using one, but have been looking at them.

There is also a 10 inch model:

I also found some new accessories, to include a heavier counterweight and an 8 gram spacer, here:

I would love to see a 10-inch version of the 750...the 750L is too long for my needs.

Although the 10.5 looks like the 250S, the text claims it is oil-damped?!?!?

On the minus side, you have to shell out for the cable and I would like to have the heavy counterweight. All the models seem to max out at 12g w/the standard counterweight, which can be limiting. Unfortunately, the extra heavy counterweight doesn't specify the cart weight range and is stupidly expensive at 72 english pounds!!!!

If you want to be innovative, like Utahusker, you can change the headshell for a lighter one, which will lower the effective mass and raise the cartridge weight range.

But, that has its drawbacks as well. This means you may lose the azimuth adjustment and change the resonance of the arm.

Dear Jeff: IMHO I think that you don't necessary lose the azymuth adjustment because you can find other headshells with azymuth adjustment.
Don't worry that a change in the resonance frequency of the tonearm/cartidge combination occur because the quality performance of a cartridge depend not only on that resonance frequency but in other critical factors like: the resonance behavior between the headshell/cartridge combination where even with the same headshell weight if you try that same cartridge with another headshell ( same weight ) that is build with a different material or in a different shape the cartridge performance change according that headshell modifications.

IMHO the relationship and overall behavior/performance between cartridge/tonearm is extremely more complex that only tonearm geometry, set-up or resonance frequency.

Regards and enjoy the music,
these Jelco arms certainly look appealing. Does anyone know if they're easy to adjust, particularly the VTA?
VTA is very easy, you loosen the grub screw and slide it up or down.
What are some of the lighter head shells you all are using? I would love to be able to use different compliance cartridges in this wonderful tonearm. What is the lightest head shell I can purchase and from where?

Tell me what do you find runs best in this tonearm? Do you find that the MM or MC cartridges play best with this arm? Thank you for your kind guidance all.

I used a LP Gear 7 gr headshell.