Jelco SA-370H or Rega RB-251 for a DIY turntable?

Looking for opinions. I'm looking at gong another round on a DIY turntable, built one a few years ago. I don't want to blow big bucks but want a competent arm (well looking at doing two, a Stereo and Mono set up).

The Jelco will be a bit more that $100 more than the RB-251. Of course he Jelco has adjustable VTA and a S shape with detachable head shell which would make future swapping of cartridges easier. The RB-251 is newer and has long line of Rega legacy. It with 3 point mounting is not too hard to tweak VTA if one has to but not as straight forward as the Jelco. The cartridges that will initially be used are Denon DL-110 and a Grado Me+.

Any thoughts?
Personally I would go for a RB250, they are a good arm at good price with many optional accessories available. Also there is the option at a later stage to have one of many company’s up grade the arm with a few tweaks, for much higher performance.
So I feel it has more potential then a Jelco 370 where there is no options, your stuck with it as is. I can say however that on one of my decks I have a Jelco 250, which is a nice arm. Chose well & good luck.
That's pretty funny. So the Jelco has no options. The headshell is removable so it can be changed to one of different mass to change the effective mass of the arm. The headshell wires are removable and can be upgraded. Variable fluid damping is built in, and oh yea so is adjustable VTA. But the Rega has options and the Jelco doesn't. Wow, I learn from you folks every day.