Jelco and Dynavector

Currently I own a VPI Scout (original model). In which I have a Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua mounted. However I feel this cart might benefit from a better turntable.

The turntable I have in mind comes without an arm. However tonearms puzzle me a bit. There are the sort of affordable tonearms like Jelco, which can be bought new for about €600. Then the next step are the exotic arms like SME, Reed, Graham etc. These start at €2000.

So would a Jelco 750D work well with the Dynavector?
The TKR is a very high-end cartridge and would definitely benefit from installation in the best tonearm you can afford. I have an XX2 Mk II in a Graham Phantom Supreme and am continually impressed with the detail the combo reveals, even with material I know very well.

There are all kinds of calculators out there that can tell you about things like compliance, VTF and VTA / SRA compatibility, but I find all of that stuff largely superfluous. The biggest deal, by far IMO, is the ability to adjust VTA on-the-fly. Note that others often call this SRA adjustment, but you can't adjust one without adjusting the other and the arm manufacturers all call it VTA adjustment.

Regardless, the on-the-fly adjustment will allow you to bring out everything the TKR can offer. Since that is quite a lot indeed, you will be very well-served by going with an arm that has that ability. Good luck and happy listening!
Short answer....

Once set up properly and adjusted, the Jelco 750D would work with the DV.
There are better tonearms out there that will require you to spend lots of $$$$. The Jelco 750D is a hell of a tonearm for the asking price. Sleeper indeed! Spend the extra $$ and get the azimuth adjustable headshell and a good quality cable with it.
To be honest the tonearm market has always been a bit of a mystery to me. On one side of the the spectrum you have the Jeclo tonearms and it's ilk.

Then you get the expensive tonearms that often cost more then the turntable it's self.

I see the SME also sells the J shaped tonearms (again). Has anyone tried the SME M2-9R?
Never mind SME, if I read it correctly the effective tonearm mass of SME arms is to low for the Te Kaitora Rua cart. The SME arms have an effective mass about 9.8grams. The Te Kaitora Rua needs a tonearm with a mass of about 14 to 18 grams if I read the sheet correctly.
I'm using a dynavector TE KAITORA with a Swissmade Holborne arm , marriage in heaven .Take a look at their webside.
Turntable is the famous Dutch brand Sphinx PJ 6 , DD ,unfortunately only 6 made of them in the past.
After getting some advice from people who know my cart and who know me. The arm that would best suit me is a Origin Live or SME309. I was told to stay away from the SME IV or V.

Now I see if I can get a good deal somewhere and if my bank account agrees.
I have a 10 Jelco 750 with the TTW Audio Eliminator kit and a Shelter 7000, it is a beast of an arm, I read in a forum a member had a 750 but his dream arm had always been the SME V and he said that the SME was better in some areas but it was a diminishing returns deal. meaning the difference in price was MUUCH greater than the improvement in sound.