Jelco 250st on Sota Comet worth a rewire?

Hi everyone,

i recently acquired a Sota Comet I with a Jelco 250st on my local craigslist for $50. The motor runs dead quiet, platter spins at accurate speeds, and cosmetically the table is in excellent shape. The reason it was so cheap was the owner had removed the internal tonearm wire to rewire it, and gave up on the project. The way I see it I have three options, pay $200-$300 for a rewire, buy a used tonearm to drop in (mounting distance would need to match), or just resell it as it is.

I also have a Thorens TD 160 which I am very happy with and have slowly been modding with plans to upgrade the tonearm. I bought the Sota table because it was so cheap and if it didn’t outperform the Thorens once fixed, I would sell it and use the funds for a tonearm upgrade on the thorens, or just mount the fixed Jelco onto the Thorens.

I guess I am just looking for advice as to whether to proceed with fixing or replacing the Jelco tonearm or just offering it with the Sota table for sale as is.

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for your response, very helpful. It looks like the Jelco still has the original din plug in place. 

I mainly bought this thinking I’d rewire the tonearm and try it on my Thorens. If the Jelco is a good tonearm I still might go that route.