Jeffrowland m7 mono block amps

I still need help to turn on the amps. Both monos won't turn on after one bump sound when I pushed  power button on cold amps. I see -12,+12 volt led lights on inside amp. Fuses are all good 2out side 1 inside. So need help from anyone familiar with these amps.

Thank you, jny
Call Rowland asap.
Sounds like you've got DC current and the protection circuits tripped.  I'd unplug them and call Rowland.
They only taking emails. Email Said they created ticket # like 2456, 2534 that I couldn't understand. There's no place to look up the # on JR websight. Asked few times. No answer now.  I guess protection circuit too but I don't know where is it.

Thanks , jny 

Just Google Jeff Rowland contact number. I sent you a pm with the number and verified it was correct. You will need an authorization number to return any component for repair. They are very responsive and usually provide outstanding customer service. 

Hi, thank you.
I'll call them up may be on monday when they often.

Thank you, jny
Call Jeff.  He's awesome.  (actually, he's incredible).