Jefff Rowland Concentra vs YBA Passion Integre

If anyone has done a comparative audition of these integrated amps, I would greatly appreciate your feedback regarding their differences. Any characteristics that you felt made one very distinct from the other. Thank you.
Check out the rave review on the YVA Passion Integre in this issue of loved it.
I own a YBA Integre DT and it is awesome. Jeff Rowland on the other hand makes simply fantastic amps. In my opinion, one is not better than the other but they are extremely different.

To be honest, If I went to my living room right now and the Concentra was there and not my YBA, I would be shocked but not entirely unhappy. I could easily live with either one.

YBA amps have a distict sound to them which I happen to love. I have a friend here in La Coruña Spain who hates YBA and swears by Jeff Rowland. I say they are both fantastic. The Rowland is more neutral to my ear but the Integre DT seems to sing the inner voices more lyrically. I am a professional symphony musician who makes a living playing inner voices so the YBA pleases me greatly.