Jeff Rowland to what?

I currently own a Jeff Rowland 625 S2 amplifier. I'm curious as to what amplifiers I should listen to below 20K, new or used. I'm not unhappy, but I'm curious. The amp will be driving Monitor Audio PL500 II's. The preamp is a Jeff Rowland Corus.


I'm okay and appreciate your contribution to the discussion. The Von Schweikert VR-55 are some of the best speakers that I've heard and I would buy them if I had the money.
I'll be honest, after talking to a very good friend/dealer that has access to many different components I decided that it's best to keep my amplifier and preamp.
Give my suggestions regarding source components and cables. My current cables are Wireworld Platinum Interconnect and Power cables. My speaker cables are Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7. My current source is a Bryston BDP2 with my Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC. Prior to the Aeris, I had an PS Audio Directstream and Bricasti M1 DAC. I prefer the Aeris. I'm open to suggestions.
" I truly don't think you'll exceed the the Rowland unless maybe an Agostino S250 would offer something you might prefer. Beyond that you'll need to look towards some of the European boutique brands at great expense. Jeff personally is involved with each single unit built which is to the highest standard I'm aware of with respect to US audio companies. "

I like Rowland too, but when I compare my Rowland amp next to just 1 of my Ayre V-5's, the Rowland sounds defective. You certainly don't have to buy an extremely high price, state if the art type of amp to best it.

Knowledge almost always wins over price. The more you know, the less you have to spend.

I just read my post. That last bit was a general comment. It kind of looks like it was directed towards you, but its not.

It looks like your comparing older Jeff Rowland amps to newer Ayre amps. I respect everyone's opinion, so if to your ears the Ayre makes the Rowland amps sound broke, that's fine.
I've been doing the audiophile thing for over 20 years. I've listened to Ayre several times driving Wilson Audio Sasha 1s and Rockport Aviors. Let just say, I'll keep my current Rowland 625 S2 over any Ayre that I heard, which includes their mono-amps.
I've never been about price being an indication of better, but more about what my ears prefer in a given price range. 


As one of the few on here that have actually heard your gear(and thanks again for that) there are a few amps that I would love to hear with your speakers.   
I agree on Pass....   I know they are heaters, but I personally think they would sound really nice with your PL500s;especially that wonderful midrange.   Next would be the D'agostino--never heard one but from the descriptions of their sound, I bet they would sound great; plus they look cool.   Last would be one of the higher end Burmesters-A very smooth sound.
At the end of the day your current Rowland gear is extremely good.   Happy hunting!