Jeff Rowland Synergy 2i + BPS2 v/s Coherence 2

How close is the ultimate sonic performance of the (Synergy 2i with Battery supplies BPS-2) when directly compared with the Coherence II ?

Your opinions will be most welcomed.

Oh, this is an interesting question. Is there no experiences from you out there?
My dealer tells me that the Coherence 2 is clearly a step ahead of the Synergy 2i with BPS. I have the synergy 2i with Rowlands 501/PFC. Have you had a look at the new pre amps from Rowland as well? The criterion is way above my budget but it'll be interesting to see how the little Capri with PFC compares with the Synergy 2i.
any experiences?
Rowland seems like the kind of company that only moves forward. Therefore I would conclude that newer designs are better. Something I've noticed about Jeff's stuff is that the innovations trickle down to the less expensive models with each model change. I don't remember where or when I heard this - it may have been from Guido - but Jeff is purported to have said that the Capri was better than any preamp that preceded it.