Jeff Rowland "Concerto" Integrated

Here's an integrated that's rated at 250w into 8 ohms and only weighs 26 lbs.
Has any owned this piece or have heard any commets?
I owned one for a while. It's really a wonderful integrated amp, very full bodied and smooth sounding. It's certainly deserving of all the accolades it's won. Ultimately, however, my tastes have run more toward the sense of palpability and three-dimensionality that I've only been able to get with tubes. I found the Concerto to throw a very nice soundstage laterally, but lacking in depth, compared to most of the tube integrated amps that I've since had in my system.
JRDG Concerto has been replaced by the Continuum 250 and 500 integrated amps that have just started shipping.. They use the much newer circuit of the Capri for preamplification. The 500W model also contains the same Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit of the JRDG 312. I Have not heard the Continuum yet, but it/they may be worth exploring if you enjoyed the Concerto. PFC can be applied externally to the 250 model through the new JRDG PC1 conditioner/rectifier unit.
All, I am now feeding the JRDG Capri a steady diet of 384V DC through the JRDG PC1 PFC unit with very intriguing initial results. I have just started a new didicated thread if anyone were interested. . .