Jeff Rowland preamp phono better than dynavector?

I'm pretty new at high end audio, so this might be a stupid question, but here goes.

I'm currently using a Dynavector P75 phono stage and a Dynavector 20xMC low output cartridge on a VPI Scout TT. I really like this cartridge and want to stay with the low output MC. But the step-up transformer runs through an old McIntosh C-28 preamp, so it seems to me like I'm basically just bypassing the pre-amp, which isn't a great one anyway. So I'm considering getting rid of the Mac preamp and the phono stage and buying a Jeff Rowland Consonance with a built-in MC phono stage. Can I expect better sound by getting rid of the Mac/Dynavector combo and replacing it with the Consonance? I should add that I pretty much only listen to LPs, but I would like to be able to run a CD player through the preamp, too, at some point.

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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I have used both of these, being a dealer for both. I think you are confused about the nature of the 75 as you are calling it a step up transformer. A SUT is used in front of a phono stage for very low output cartridges. For example, I have used a Bob's Devices SUT with the 75. I assume you are running the 75 into an AUX input on the C-28 and not the phono input, if you are do not do so. There are several things you can do, I am not a fan of Mac of this vintage so I would change that.You can get a Passive pre amp which would work with many amps, you can get a better line stage and keep the 75 or replace it with the Consonance. If I had a chance to get the Consonance at a good price I would get it and sell the Mac. I would keep the 75 for a while and compare it to the JRs built in phono stage. If the built in one was better or equal I would sell the 75, if the 75 was better [I suspect it will be] I would use it and use the JR as a line stage. Or you could get an entirely different line stage. In any case removing the Mac will improve your sound.
Thanks, Stanwal. You're right - I was confused about what the P-75 does. And I am running the P-75 into one of the high level inputs -- one of the "tape" inputs -- and not into the low input MM phono input. Does it matter which high level input I use, for now?

I'm not married to the Rowland preamp, but there is one listed here on Audiogon for $1100. What I want is a good preamp that has a built-in MC phono stage that will at least equal if not better the P-75. I'd like to pay between $1000 and $1500 used. If it helps as a reference point, I do like the sound of the P-75 a lot, but I'd like a better linestage than the Mac C-28, and I wouldn't mind moving away from the separate phono stage. Thanks for any suggestions you all can offer.
single tranformerless phonostage is much more superior than the one with step-up tranny. Phonostage inside Jeff Rowland preamp is sufficient upto .2mV cartridges without any step-up device and it's a good price.
It usually makes no difference which line level input you use.
The only way you will know if you like the JR better is to try it. Buy the JR but don't sell the 75 till you have compared them. The 75 is a very good phono stage, better than the one in my $5000 Musical Fidelity M3 and close to my $2300 Blue Circle 707. Just because a stage has enough gain does not mean you will like the way it sounds. I have read several reviews lately, in 10 Audio and Stereophile that I remember, of reviewers using a high gain phono stage AND a step up although it was not theoretically necessary because they preferred the sound. Some of the most expensive phono stages have transformers built into them. Get the Rowland, at the worst you will lose little money if you sell it and it may well be just what you want.
The Phonostage in the Consonance is a real good one. It is adjustable, very good sounding and still better than a lot of the more "modern" units.