jeff rowland model one

I Have a rowland model one amp . It is about 18 years old.Still sounds great. My question is: Should I sell it or upgrade to a newer amp?
I am concerned about caps going bad....any input would be appreciated.
thank you
How does it sound? A lot has changes in 18-years; however, if it still drives your speakers satisfactorily then ther'e no need to change.

Call Jeff Rowland and ask him. He is the indisputable world's foremost authority on this particular question. And I'm betting he'll take your call. He really cares about his products........and his customers. I've known him for 30 years.
Rocky1313, I am not surprised that after 18 years your JRDG Model 1 is still going strong. My old JRDG Model 7Ms are about 20 years old. . . and the only thing I had to do to them once was to retouch the solder to the output transistors of one of the unit because of 'cold solder' syndrome. If you ever experience a dip in sound quality, call up JRDG, Jeff takes pride in servicing his amps. On the other hand, his sound has evolved a lot over the last 2 decades. Still sweet, but now also very open and transparent. Have a listen to a Continuum 500 integrated, or to a 312 stereo.