Jeff Rowland Model 8 - questions

I just bought one of these. I got a great deal and couldn't turn it down. It looks nice, but how does it perform? Does anyone have some good (or bad) information regarding this amp?
It is an early unit, and have never been upgraded. I have read that the earlier designs used choke input, and 320000 uf caps (thats inside mine). Then some modifications were done with the psu. The chokes were gone, and the caps now was 640000 uf.
How much better will it be if I perform a stage 1 upgrade? or stage 3?
Are there any recommendations to preamps? Of course JR will fit well, but I want to use a valve pre (with remote).

Hope anyone are familiar with this.
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Bamb --- greetings from Norwa
Sounds really great. Best musical performance I heard from a stereo amp.
I,and a pal have the 8t.Mine was a 2 chasis model,with battery power supply.I eventually had Rowland update the battery chassis to the switch mode power supply.This was a nice improvement in noise floor,and dynamics.

Actually,when I first got my amp,it was just the model-8(not the "T" mod).I upgraded to the "T",which was not alot of money,and there was a very nice improvement in noise floor and inner voicings,of instruments.To me,this updated model offers all the virtues of "Quality tube designs",with the benefit of NO HEAT!!A really good thing!!

As of now,and even with the newer models,this vintage of Rowland amp is of Jeff Rowland's "GOLDEN AGE",before his,also superb,newer models,which are greatly influenced by the HOME THEATER craze!I have heard an extensive amount of products,many superb,yet the amp you have (which really will perform better with the "T" mod)is one that is SO good,it could be considered a "CLASSIC",and is of "Heirloom" quality!!You will love it.Give it some nice supporting equipment,and it will keep you up,late into those cold nights.Mine does.BTW--I use a heavily modded Audio Research Pre/phono SP-15,with NOS Siemens tubes.

Best regards,from the U.S.A.!
Bambadoo, see my posts above in the thread about new vs. old models.
I run my 8 with a CAT sig pre-amp, I modded this with NOS GE smooth plates and Russian rocket tubes in the phono stage. IMHO this combo is pretty awesome. I have heard many of the newer versions without the choke.Again IMHO you want to leave the choke alone.
The other day I heard the Tenor 75w combo amps, they are also an amazing amp and I would be tempted to change to them except the Co. is no longer in business!
But with Kharma's the Tenor's definitely had the goods.
So, the 8 is like sirspeedy said and to me it is an heirloom piece and very very hard to beat.
At last someone responded to my thread :-)
Thank you very much. My JR model 8 is up and running beautifully. It is one brute of an amp.
It is playing extremely well, however it is getting pretty warm when playeing for long periods of time. But if I remove the top, the amp doesn't get warm at all. I actually I prefer the sound with the top off... Why is that?
However the "warm-up time"
I notice that JRDG changed the top-plate for the 8 model when upgrading to the 8T and newer.
Oops forgot to mention that I changed the top plate on my 8. This is a slight improvement over the older sheet plate. It seemed to increase the focus slightly and was definitely better to look at. The rigidity of the chassis is improved and the heat seems to be less.
That is very interesting Daveyf.
I will try to get a new top-plate for the amp.
Btw. my former message didn't turn out all that well it seems. What i wanted to say was that I think the amp needs at least 6 hours warm up, before it performs best.
Anyone notice that?

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As a point of reference,I too had the top plates updated.These new ones are ridged like the side heatsinks.As a matter of fact,they are heatsinks.The only downside for me,was I had to get two.My amps never run more than "slightly" warm.The switch mode chasis only gets just a wee bit warm.A good thing,in New York summers.Although I loved my tube amps,of the past,the Rowland is a listening,and ergonomic pleasure.I don't see myself getting rid of them for a LONG time. Best to all!!