jeff rowland model 6 capacitors


i have a pair of jeff rowland model 6 mono blocks and i

want to change the main capacitors 2 big ones. any one can

suggest me where to get a pair of capacitors to change them.
Can you tell me the values of those?
I've seen 100,150kuf on digikey...
go to --> select product index --> select capacitors --> aluminium capacitors --> filter values you're searching for.
yeah, some of the big caps can be expensive. And for mono's you'll be looking at several hundred dollars. I'd look at the specs for the current cap and find a comparable power supply cap.

You could also ask Jeff Rowland about what he would recommend aftermarket. He usually responds in a few days.
I'd recommend Nichicon. The big ones usually made in Japan and very good. Parameters are more important than type.
One point I forgot to mention that these filter caps in Jeff Rowland amps have been designed to have lots of extra headroom that actually not being used. Unless they show visual wear(around electrodes or shape) I would not recommend to replace them.
I'm not sure exactly which main filter-caps the Model 6 uses, but I've had a set of four Nichicon LNT1K333MSE (33,000uf 80v 3" diameter) for my JRDG Model 3 mono-blocks on-order with DigiKey for almost a year now. Still waiting.

But on the other hand, DigiKey keeps the really good EPCOS 47,000uf 100v, 3" diameter, screw-top aluminum capacitor in stock and they are a great perfect-fit upgrade for the JRDG Model 5, Threshold S-500, and other large amps that take a 3" diameter main-filter cap. Unfortunately, they are just too tall for my Model 3s

These days I finding that some of those large older-style "computer-grade" electrolytic caps are getting down-right difficult to come by.
EPCOS 47000uF/100V Capacitors are made in China.
Use USA made Cornell Dubilier very expensive or Japan made Nichicon. Also United Chemicon is very good the big caps are made in USA. United Chemicon purchased the old Sprauge factory in North Carolina. All the big caps are made there.
I have five 47000uF capacitors. Three of them 47000uF/100V and two 47000uF/75V. Diameter 3 inches (76mm) and 4 5/8 inches long (117 mm)long.
That's odd. All the EPCOS large aluminum caps that I've bought from DigiKey of this part number are tagged Country of Origin: Germany.

I wish that I could still find the larger size Cornell Dubilier or United Chemicon caps, but many of these sizes seem to be no longer offered. Sounds like you have a nice stash there, Renjy651. Better hang on to those!

Now, occasionally on eBay you'll see a few Cornell Dubilier or United Chemicon pulls from a surplussed power supply or the like which I would avoid, and sometimes you'll even see someone selling a few pieces of NOS but you really need to check the date-code before you buy.
You can call Digikey. It is made in China.
Only Cornell Dubilier is made in USA. They have no factory in China. Also they purchased BC/Mallory while back. All of these caps are made by Cornell Dubilier now. They use a three stage process very expensive. Used by Ayre/Lamm/McIntosh etc. There is a lot of fake caps in ebay.
Cornell can make any caps it will take 6 weeks. The line is designed for 20 caps. You must buy 20 caps. Nichicon takes 17 weeks to make caps since they are located in Asia. There ESR and Ripple is not as good Cornell Dubilier.

What value you want? Lnt1k333mse (33000uF/80V) Three inches in diameter and about 4 inches long. You can replace with Cornell Dubilier DCMC403U100DJ2B (40000uF/100V) Three inches in diameter and 3.8 inches long.
I would second the use of Cornell Dubilier. Those were the replacements I was recommended to use on my Thresholds.

Looking at the image on Hifi Shock for model 6. There is two caps on each Mono Blocks. So you need Four caps total.
It looks like the caps are 76mm or Three inches in diameter and 4 5/8 inches long(117mm) long. If you can give us the value and diameter it will be easy job. I am sure they are around 40KuF/75V.