Jeff Rowland model 302...

Has anybody had a chance to hear this new amp?? I know it's pricey BUT..... how does it sound compared to the Rowland model 10 or 12 mono's and older model 8 TiHC and model 9 TiHC's mono's. How good is it compared to the Accuphase A-50V OR Parasound JC-1's or any other amps??

Thanks - Chris
I have the Model 12 mono's and am very impressed by the high resolution/speed. I have spoken to a JR dealer (whom I trust) they have a 302 and describe the 302 as the 12's taken to a whole new level...resolution/speed/power difference like night and day.

I can't wait to hear this amp!
I too would like to know more about these amps? Anyone care to chime in here?
Chris & others - I own a 302 and used to own a model 10. The 302 is *much* better. The difference in power is obvious, but the even more significant improvements include better low level resolution, deeper, more authoritative bass, and, overall, a much "cleaner" and neutral sound. After hearing the 302, I was amazed at how much grunge and coloration the 10 had in comparison. I auditioned the JC-1s and it was a toss-up for me vis a vis the model 10. The JC-1s were much more powerful and authoritative, whereas the 10 had better resolution of texture, etc. (IMPORTANT CAVEAT: I was using different power cords on the 10 and the JC-1s, so this was in some ways an apples vs oranges comparison) I kept the 10, but, once I heard the 302, I had to have it. The latter has the strenghs of both the other amps and much more. I have not heard the Accuphase amp. I can only say that, in my opinion, the 302 is a very special amp. Good luck with your audition(s).
I purchased a used Spectral SDR-3000sl transport from an audio reviewer, who at that time, was reviewing the Rowland 302. The other components were a Meitner preamp
with the Spectral front end and the Avalon Eidiolon speakers. The Rowlands were effortless in driving the Eidolons. There was no grain in the highs and the bass response was very good. He said they was better than his current Rowlands (10 or 12s?). But he really wanted to compare them to the Spectral DMA360s which he had not heard. BTW, he was also reviewing the Ayre CX-7. The Ayre came close to the all Spectral frontend except for the highs, the Spectral was 6 times more expensive, but was 3 years older.