Jeff Rowland Model 2: need help troubleshooting standy noise

I recently acquired a Jeff Rowland Model 2 amplifier for my main system. It sounds fantastic and is a great match with my speakers (KEF R107). Overall, I’m thrilled with its performance.

One issue I’m having is that the amp will send a "hiss" signal down the right channel...only when the amp is off/stand-by mode. When, it’s powered up, there’s no noise. The noise "sssssshhhhhhhhh" will start loud and fade to quiet, then start again a few seconds later (like waves crashing on the beach). This doesn’t happen right after power down, it’s usually the next day (8-12 hours in "off/standby" position). It’s only the right channel and my first thought is a capacitor slowly discharging.

The switch design in this amp is not a hard on/off like say a SS Conrad Johnson amp. It’s a soft push button affair so I don’t think "off" is really off. Some might suggest to just leave it on 24/7, but I’ve never been a fan of this idea. I could auto cut the power at the plug via relay my Belkin Pure AV PF60, but JRDG states in the manual to only use the on/off switch.

I am considering having a professional look into it, but wanted to see if the Audiogon community could help narrow down the search. Thanks for any assistance.
Call JRDG asap for help!!
Just leave it on all the time, it will sound better. For solid state gear, I never turn them off, unless I’m going to be gone for an extended period.
Yes, that does sound like a problem with the caps discharging. That amp is probably around 20 years old, and is due for a cap replacement.

You should probably either send it to JRDG for service, or just leave on 24/7 as mofi suggests.
Thanks all,
I reached out to JRDG and one of their certified repair centers to begin the repair process. This one is definitely worth saving.
I agree yakbob. I always felt that the Model 2/6/8/9 series was when JRDG had the perfect blend of musicality and transparency for my tastes.
Earlier models were a bit too warm, later models a bit too lean.
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When I had trouble with my Rowland, they immediately knew what was seems all the important circuitry is on completely encapsolated squares looking very much like a USB storage device with gold pins at the bottom.  They sent me the appropriate gizmo ...even with a wooden tool to remove the old one....played perfectly after that.
I'll be bringing it in for diagnosis this week and will keep you all posted as to what they find.