Jeff Rowland Model 2

First of all, excuse me for my english, it's not my language.
Now I'm running a Model 2 with the Sinergy IIi, Mit S1.3 (all), W4s Dac2 and Avalon Ascendant.
I'm satisfied, but I'd like to have some more heat in the sound, expecially in the mid range.
What can you advice me ? To try another pre ?
What about the cable ?

I've had a Rowland Model 2 for 12 years. I recently upgraded to the Rowland 625. My speakers are Avalon Avatars, similar to your Ascendant.
My current preamp is the Pass XP-20. I still have my XP-10.
I think you should try either one in your system.
The Synergy IIi is nice, but both of my friends who owned one upgraded to the Pass X1 with good results - and the XP preamps sound even better.