Jeff Rowland Model 112 Power Amp Question

Does anybody know how to change to gain on this amp. The owner's manual doesn't say how and I have contacted JRDG, but they haven't responded as of yet.

I want to lower the gain from 30dB to 26dB.

Thank You.
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Congrats on acquiring this amp. JRDG gain adjustments are often typically controlled by jumper settings on the rear panel circuit board.

The warnings in the Model 112 user manual are pretty explicit on contacting JRDG for approval and instructions before making any changes, so for the sake of any warranty, etc., you may want to wait until you can get in contact with them.

Also, the factory setting appears to be 26dB. Did yours somehow get switched over to 32dB?
Sandstone, a few years back I changed it to the higher gain. I called Rowland and they gave me instructions. It was very easy, but now I can't find the instructions. It was just switching some jumpers. I don't want to open up the amp and then try to figure it out. Just hoping someone knew the specifics. Thanks.
Still no response to my e-mail to JRDG on this question.
I would call them/him instead of e-mailing.
If he does not call back - then call again.