Jeff Rowland Design Group -- Factory Tour

Jeff Rowland Design Group dealer Soundings sponsored a field trip for customers and friends to visit JRDG headquarters in Colorado Springs last week. We also visited Vertec Tool, maker of Rowland's incredible chassis.

I drafted some blog entries about the trip and Soundings posted my notes along with a few of my pictures on their blog at:

Soundings Blog
More pics please! post everything you have if you can. Fascinating to see that stuff being built.

thanks for sharing.

Ok, let me look around and find a few more. It may take a day or two because we will clear all with Jeff. (I cropped out a thing or two in the ones you saw).

Ok, your wish is my command. ;-)

There are more pics up now:
Soundings Blog
Interesting pictures Dave. Jeff also advocates the use of transformers because of the balanced operation and common mode noise rejection.