Jeff Rowland Corus versus Audio Research Ref 6

Has anyone compared the JR Corus to the Audio Research Ref 6? From a technical perspective, will the Ref 6 work well with the Jeff Rowland 625 S2 amp?
Rowland amps LOVE Rowland Preamps.  You will love it, too.
From a technical perspective, will the Ref 6 work well with the Jeff Rowland 625 S2 amp?
Richard, I see no technical problems mating the Ref 6 to your 625 S2 amp or the Aeris DAC. However, if by any chance you are still using the SVS subs you had in your system a while back an impedance incompatibility would result, relative to the Ref 6’s minimum load recommendation of 20K (which btw is the same as the minimum load recommendation for many other ARC line stages and preamps).

That would also occur with many other subs that would be connected to the Ref 6’s outputs. I believe that its two unbalanced outputs and its two balanced outputs are all driven from the same output stage. Hence that output stage would see the combined load impedance of the amp and the subs, which would be considerably lower than the input impedance of either. For example, the 22K balanced input impedance of the SVS sub and the 40K balanced input impedance of the amp represent a combined impedance of (22 x 40)/(22 + 40) = 14.2K, well under the 20K recommended minimum.

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Rowland has the best sound.
Thanks for the response. I don't have any subs, so that won't be an issue.

Cerrot & ebm,
My system consists of all Rowland components: 625 S2 amp, Corus preamp, and Aeris DAC. I'm just curious about trying a different preamp.

Hi Richard, In olden days I had an ARC Ref 3.... I know I know, it is an older ARC reference preamplifier...

I replaced Ref 3 with the little Rowland Capri original because I found Capri to be much superior in most respects.... And eventually upgraded from Capri to Criterion (same audio circuit of Corus) because it was clearly superior to Capri.

Granted,Ref 6 is probably better than Ref 3, so a comparison with Corus might be interesting.

One other thing you might try with your system is to power both Corus and Aeris through the new Rowland ultra-capacitor PSU DC external power supply . Finally the creature is shipping... I have not tried PSU yet because my system is in storage, but indirect reports on PSU this far have been extremely positive.

Saluti, G.


Rowland makes great solid state electronics.

What is the PSU's list price?

Hi Richard, PSU production is in full swing... In high demands since its recent launch in Asia.

US list price is $8200.

A new batch is being readied... although nmost of its units are already spoken for, your dealer should be able to secure a unit for .


Saluti, Guido