Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 vs Mark Levinson 585.5

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Do you have an opinion on which of these two integrateds you would go with, the Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 or the Mark Levinson No. 585.5? I am leaning towards the Levinson but do not yet know very much about either brand. Is one considered superior to the other in overall quality? I like that the Levinson has an RS232 so in theory it can be controlled with something other than the house Levinson remote.

Choices out there are more limited than I'd have thought, for an integrated with (i) 200+wpc and (ii) a built in DAC. The Goldmund and McIntosh are two others I've come across that meet the criteria. Any others out there I'm missing?
i’ll testify that the ML 585 or 585.5 are the real deal. if you don’t need phono they are identical and used 585’s can sell for 6-7k which is unreal. i have high regard for jrdg but if it’s a class d design it wouldn’t be for me.
there is another top integrated that has a lot of positive vibes and that’s the newest krell unit.  however for 6-7k the 585 isn’t going to be exceeded imho without a huge jump in price. at 12k list it seems underpriced in this crazy audio world. many raves about it.

I've heard the ML 585 a couple of times at dealers and at shows, mostly with Revel speakers, and to be honest thought they sounded mechanical, restrained, and uninspired.

On the other hand I've auditioned the Continuum S2 with Spendor D7.2 speakers, it was an incredibly incisive yet musical pairing. The inky black background of the CS2 was stunning, and made for a very deep and open sound stage. The instrument timbre was also very "right". If it's the choice between those two, CS2 has my vote.
Any others you are missing? Yes, zillions...

Lyngdorf TDAI-3400
Anthem STR Integrated
Devialet Expert Pro
Parasound HINT6 (180x2 @8ohms)
NAD M33 (coming in March) or the existing M32
Bel Canto Black ACI600
Classe Sigma 2200i
Peachtree Nova 300 or 500
Musical Fidelity M6si or M8xi
Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 vs Mark Levinson 585.5

 This should be no contest, go the 33kg ML585.5 it’s a well designed linear amp with a great pedigree.

The JR Continuum2 Class-D boards come from Sanway Audio in China and were made for subwoofer use, moded a little by Pascal in EU. Red Dragon US also used them in their S500 $2k Stereo Class-D

Chinese Subwoofer plate amp
Red Dragon

Cheers George
The ML unit is very good. Universally praised. 
Make sure you get a price on the lower end of their going rate, under $6k ideally. I know the 585.5 is technically a few years older than the 5805 that preceded it, but imo, the build quality on the 585.5 is far superior.
Go for Rowland better sound,better service, better company.
I agree, have been a Roland user for the past 10 years. Great stufff and tremendous customer service. ML was great stuff 20 years ago.

the 585 and 585.5 are identical in every respect except for a built in phono stage for the 585.5
unless you hear it in your home you won’t know how good it is. the 5805 is built to a lower price point but regardless ML is building their gear at the highest level.comments based on past lore and hearsay are not meaningful. also i’ve had great support from harmon on a couple of revel issues.