Jeff Rowland Continuum Amp Hum

I just got my Continuum 500 amp repaired where both left and right icepower modules were replaced. The repair job took a while (6 months) as I am overseas and initially there was hesitation from principal to accept there was something wrong with the amp, first distortion on one channel, and then rolled off frequency on the other channel. And as it turned out the problem was both modules failing. So finally after 6 months and a $1,000 repair bill the amp has two new modules and now sounding right. However now when I turn on the amp I hear two short split second hums (like transformer hum but just for a split second). After the split second hums the amp is dead silent and plays fine. I recall (but not sure) these hums were not there before prior to repair. Per principal this is caused by power surge to transformer, but no answer on why these hums were not there before and only after repair. If you own a JR Continuum 250 or 500 amp would appreciate if you can check if you also get these split second hums after power on. Thanks.

Maybe a bit off topic, but I asked Jeff about the hum that has always been associated with my amp, a model 8T, when he did the updates. Jeff seems to think that hum isn't really a big deal! While it's true that one cannot hear the hum from the listening position, it's still an annoyance that I fail to understand why they cannot correct! 

My amp hum would be different as it only happens for split second when I turn it on. After the split second transformer hum it is silent. Per Jeff it is due to power surge is if ok, but I still wonder how come it was not there prior the repair job.

Really? Are you actively searching for things to obsess about? 

If a split second hum is worthy of angst, then I would suggest that your life is otherwise pretty darn good.

Don't worry. The Stealth variant is starting up. Pretty soon that hum will be an afterthought.