Jeff Rowland Consummate Phono

Hello friends.

If anyone is experienced with some adjustments for the Jeff Rowland Consummate Phono, I would like to ask him/her a few questions:

1. I would like to increase the gain through the gain switches, which are located on the underside of the plug-in modules of the unit. Does anyone know which will be the proper combination of the switches in order to set the gain at 62,5 dB?

2. The cartridge I am using is performing a lot better when the load is lower than 50 Ohms. The Variable Setup buttons of the Consummate phono gives me the option to set the loading from 70 Ohms to 1000 Ohms.
However, the unit offers some free positions, in order for the user to install any resistor lower than 70 Ohms. Inside the user's manual, Jeff Rowland recommends only high quality, 1%, metal film, 100 PPM or less temperature
coefficient, non-magnetic leaded resistors.
Does anyone know what brand produces such resistors?

Thanks in advance my friends.

Call Jeff. He will be happy to help you.

Try bulk metal foil types, eihter Vishay or Caddock. Much more costly than standard resistors, but since you only have to buy 2, I think that you will be happy with the results.
Thanks very much friends.