Jeff Rowland Capri phono card removable?

Fellows, I recently purchased a Capri on Audiogon, and I am very pleased. It came with the internal phono card installed. Since I am new to this game, if I remove the card altogether would the input then be able to be used as a normal input, say for a tuner? Is this minor or major surgery? Thanks for taking the time.
The phono card is removable and an easy DIY job. The instructions are in the Capri manual. The manual can be downloaded from the JRDG website. The phono card is very good BTW.

If you do remove the phono card, input 1 would indeed be a line level input.
Edwyn, thanks for taking the time - exactly what I needed to know, very much appreciated. It is set up for moving coil, I have a moving magnet. Also helpful to learn that it is a very good card. Perhaps I will change the settings and use it when I open it up.
I bought my Capri without a phono card, and installing the phono card was quick and easy. I have the moving coil card, and believe it is quite good, and an awesome value compared to an external.
J135, thanks for the response - very helpful. From what I am hearing, it might be worth investing in a moving coil cartridge to gain the benefit of the card, sounds like it is a good one.
I believe there is only 1 Carpi phono card - it has DIP switches for MM and MC.
Edwyun, thanks for pointing me in that direction. Looks looks like it can be set for MM or MC. Do you have an opinion as to which cartridge is best?
depends on tonearm/platter, etc.
Makes sense, thank you!
enjoy listening!