Jeff Rowland battery power supply..Big improvement

I own a pair of model 6 amps and have given thought to buying the optional
battery power supplys.Is the improvement worth it.Also how hard is it to purchase and install new batterys.
Thanks Mike
Hello Mike, I also own a pair of Model 6's in one of my systems and was pondered the same question a while back. You should give Rich Maez a call at JRDG who will explain the whole battery power supply option in greater details. I also spoke with other current/past Rowland owners and decided against the thought of trying the BP's. I'm pulling a steady diet of 119/120v right out of my dedicated wall recepticals without any fluctuations past what I mentioned. I know that in this hobby the thoughts are always there of playing with the optional extra gingerbread of each piece of gear. Endless hours spent thinking thru the coulda, shoulda, woulda's of if a battery power supply would make an improvement? Personally that's a nice chunk of money you could spend elsewhere. Now if you live in a high rise apt blgd sharing power in NYC maybe the BP's would make a considerable difference. You could also try some non-limiting power conditioners that can feed these 20 amp puppies. For me straight outta the wall has been the best route. Besides do you really think those Suhwheeet 6's could sound any better than they already do? But it would be kewl to read the responses from other AGonR's who have gone with and w/o BP's on the JRDG amps only. No comments from Preamp, and Phono Stage BP's users. I hope this helped somewhat, and hurry get back to those 6's for some grand listening sessions.

I owned Model 6's with batteries. I am also one of those people living in Manhattan, and thus was contending with a power supply that was weighted down with a lot of junk.

I found that, in listening at low to medium volume on what most people would consider a high-resolution system, there was very little difference between the battery and non-battery modes. Surprisingly, it was in running the amp at higher volume with orchestral music and rock that the batteries made a difference. I say "surprisingly" because the batteries are said to reduce available current compared to 120 V. wall operation, and thus would be expected to make the amps sound worse on peak program material. In fact, what the batteries do is provide a very pure source of electricity, and when the volume goes up, they help the amps the remain cleaner at high volumes, as everything is literally magnified by an amp when the volume goes up, including the noise in a dirty power supply. While available power may actually be less compared to wall power, there is an enhanced sense of dynamics due to the ability to achieve greater volume without the sound falling apart. The amps also have a greater ability to delineate between instruments and sounds, which is another thing that tends to be compromised as an amp approaches clipping.

As most people have a fairly dirty power supply, my guess is that the batteries will improve the sound for most people, especially those who listen to bombastic orchestral music and other dynamic source material. Remember also that this amp is truly differential balanced, and will thus sound as it was meant to sound only if run balanced and with the batteries.