Jeff Rowland Amplifiers

Just wondering where Jeff Rowland fits in the higher echelon of amplifiers: for e.g. Ayre . Boulder,  Dan Agostino, Bermester, Soulution, Pass Labs.

I own a first generation Concentra, and it is so good that I have not been tempted to switch for the past 10 years or so.

I am not claiming that there aren't better SS amps, but that in terms of value (roughly $3-3.5k when you can find one on the used market), I consider it to be outstanding, and do not see the point of spending thousands more for relatively modest improvements.

I cannot comment on their newer offerings, however.


Tony C.

thanks for your input. I do own his latest amp and I'm mystified as to why there is very little discussion regarding his amplifiers. 
fully as good as all you mention
Jeff Rowland is the best solid-state amplifier I had owned.  Then I went with tubes and have never looked back.

how do you like the JR integrated amps?
I am biased in saying this, but sound-wise, Levinson, Rowland, AudioResearch,
and several others are just about as good as anything out there.  I don't believe that for ex. Dartzeel and similar more exotic brands CAN SOUND significantly better.  But... OTOH there are cosmetic issues, mega-power issues, "hand-built" issues, and loyalty issues that confuse the reality
when making neutral comparisons.  Also, NAD, Bryston, and PS Audio have
become better and better over the years ( also Sony, Yamaha, Teac, Primaire, etc.) and are blurring the lines from the opposite side of the official "state of the art" level of audio gear.  SO... are the Boulder 3060 monoblock amps in an even more elite class?  I guess so, but without
a very large array of speakers to drive in a HUGE room, my curiousity about the sound they might make fades rather quickly.

Which tube amps (Pre/Pwr) did you switch to, from your Jeff Rowlands(Pre/Pwr).
I have a JR pre-amp and it blew my mind at how incredible it sounds.  I have heard the Daemon at a show and it was best of show.  His gear delivers the emotion...
I have all Jeff Rowland components: 625 S2 amp, Corus preamp, and Aeris DAC. I had nice equipment over the years, but to my ears Rowland is on another level, I understand different strokes, but I rarely hear Rowland being discussed.
I run a Rowland 5 in my main system and have been quite impressed with it.  Excellent sound and built like a battleship.
Top tier.  
They sound great IMHO. But more opamps are being used in current designs - at least in the preamps.